Pastor interview and his principles:

1.  We believe the Bible and we love all people.

2.  We believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ is relevant to all people on the planet.

3.  We believe that the practice of homosexual acts is sinful, as any other sexual urge of the human body which is directed towards another person other than the person’s husband or wife.

4.  Jesus’ radical view of sexuality shows all of us to be sexual sinners.

5.  Jesus died to save lustful, homo-and heterosexual sinners and transform our hearts, minds and behavior.

6.  Jesus doesn’t just condemn adultery, for example, as does one of the Ten Commandments. Jesus condemns even the lust that leads to adultery (includes fantasy).

7.  I have no right to condemn or judge the world. That right belongs to Jesus.  That means that whatever He says in regard to sexual practices is what I believe to be true, loving, and ultimately best for human flourishing – even when it seems out of step with the whims of contemporary culture.

8.  Some people have mistreated homosexuals in the past.

9.  In civil discourse: To differ is not to hate.

10. The idea that disagreeing with homosexual behavior results in harm to gay people is designed to shut down conversation and immediately rule one point of view, the Christian one, out of bounds.