The Fellowship Desires to Protect You

Through the first theme for the Lord of the Rings, we focused on the awesome God with a grand design inviting us into that design and to be a part of His story. He created you in His image and chose you to be part of His plan. As a man created in His image, you desire to protect and provide, to love and be loved, to give and receive honor, and to express and hear well done.  As a woman created in His image, the desire for creativity and beauty are large.  Other desires and longing can be found in the heart of a woman,  I’m sure some that I listed here for men.

Through the second Lord of the Rings theme, we focused on God’s choosing you and giving you a unique part to play in His Story. He created you, chose you, adopted you and set you apart for His purposes for all eternity. Your life is a praise to His glory. Your part is to reveal Christ right where you live. That begins with being a man or woman who engages with strength and love offering your world life and growth. The way to discover your part is to fully surrender, offer Him your heart, be willing to suffer for His sake so that you might experience His resurrection, life and glory.

Through the third Lord of the Rings theme, we focused on the truth that Evil seeks to destroy and defeat you and take you down. Satan is hunting you and desires to lure you and causing you to loose your way. God, however, meant for you to live in His grand design, His story and the part He created you to play. Satan seeks to steal your part in the Story, kill your heart, and destroy or diminish your influence in your part of God’s world. We are in a battle for our hearts and the hearts of those we love!

You will meet many barriers to fulfilling the part you have been given to play, but God’s plan and purpose for you do not have to be trumped by the Evil One. God’s design has equipped you with the protection, support, and encouragement you need to stand firm against Satan’s attack. God longs for you to fulfill your part. He loves you. Empowered by His love and strength, you have what it takes to fulfill the part He created for you!

The Fellowship is there to protect. The Fellowship is more that we may surmise.

The Fellowship includes the Trinity, specifically the Spirit who illumines the Word of God, the group of Christians around you which is a good church and a small group with which you are digesting the Word of God.

I want to see you vitally connected in an authentic, intimate experience with the Fellowship. This opportunity was extended to you through surrendering to the Trinity, connecting to the Body of Christ as represented by your small group and your church, being grounded in scripture, and seeing that you are surrounded by the communion of saints and the great cloud of witnesses  who are cheering you on!

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