Is God Good?

Twenty-six years ago, I sat in a restaurant, enjoying fellowship with three other Christian men. The other guys had been Christians for years and I had been one for just a few months. One of the men made an offhand statement: “God is a good God..”

I sat there and thought, “My earthly dad is a great father who loves me and might even die for me if he had, too. But my heavenly Father loves me even much more than that and did die for me. So, yes, God is a good God.”

From that moment on, I believed with all my heart that God was a good God who loved me with all His heart.

This seemingly insignificant revelation has kept me moving forward through every trial and setback over the last twenty-six years. You see, I realize that God is absolutely head over heels in love with me and would bankrupt heaven if I needed Him to do it. My self-esteem lies in this revelation of God, knowing I’m a royal son of a great King who I call Daddy.

And I guarantee that anyone can have this revelation just by asking, “God are You a good God? If so, reveal this fact to me?” — Larry Who

4 thoughts on “Is God Good?

  1. your sense of channeling to gratitude in the trials to God’s goodness is inspiring; it is not always easy to turn on that switch for some…the some that compare and feel deprived by God in some ways but when I do feel like that I just think of the times God did make their presence known…and I remember again; yes – God is doing everything needed for me to learn the way I can – God knows how to get thru to each in every one of us when needed, when called upon and when we’re blindsided.


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