Pain and Suffering

In my devotional times this week I have been looking at Psalm 119. There is so much in the Psalm to look into. Today I wanted to understand better the term “affliction.” I have heard that term all my life and our teaching on Sunday pointed to a very high value of affliction. So I went looking for some further explanation. I came upon this illustrations of the verses from Psalm 119 and the value of affliction to our lives, our souls even.

Graphical Model - Spiritual Maturity through Affliction
God’s good outcomes when we go astray

Source: Word-Smith Info

As we read the Psalm, we find the comfort and the value in what God in doing within us as well as in our circumstances. Psalm 119:50–“This is my comfort in my affliction, that your promise gives me life.”

I also see the goodness of God. Look what He brings to all of us who trust and seek Him. “You have dealt well…” well is the Hebrew “tove” and means “good.” Verse 68 “You are good and do you…” God is good and because He is good, we can trust Him. When He sends affliction we can know that it is for our good.

Here is the tough part, verse 71, “It is good for me that I was afflicted, that I might learn your statues.” Believers in Jesus seek to understand and see the “good” that comes from our affliction. By faith, we can go through affliction, learn and see the goodness of God in them and our good and benefit as an product of affliction.


PDF of this resource on Psalm 119

Good: what it means to be in Christ

Notes: numbers is illustration above refer to verse number in Pslam 119

“because I love black people”

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Voddie Baucham: I can’t support Black Lives Matter “because I love black people”

Dean of Theology at African Christian University Voddie Baucham denounced the Black Lives Matter movement, saying people, and Christians especially, need to separate the issues from the movement.

Baucham said that people are being labelled as racist for not agreeing with everything for which the organization stands.

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