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iPhone Anniversary

Will Your Phone Dominate Your Life in 2018?  

Personal phones are great for so many uses in life but they can lead to tragedy–auto accidents, child and teen tracking and trafficking and bullying.  Crossway has done some research and come up with some good thoughts for use of phone in 2018.

As we begin a new year, many of us will take a moment to reflect upon life, the year past, and the days to come. How can we reorient unhealthy patterns and develop new ones to improve our physical and spiritual health?

Technology use is an area with which many of us struggle to find balance. How much is too much? What is it good for? How can we encourage our families to hold it in its proper place?

Today is the eleventh anniversary of the release of the iPhone. With how much of our lives and thoughts are consumed by our handheld devices, it’s hard to believe that smartphones have only been in our pockets for just over a decade.

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