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I confess, I missed Charlottesville, VA.  Actually I did hear about a protest that was going to happen but for some reason I ducked for the next several days and missed it altogether until today.

I believe Nelson Mandela’s thoughts are mostly right, except for maybe a nuance.  AND, that nuance makes a big difference. Read more of this post

Hebrews 10 The Greatest Sacrifice

My thoughts on Hebrews 10:19-25.

In view of what Jesus Christ did in His earthly life for us, let’s reflect and respond.

We who were bought and paid for with a price, the blood of Jesus Christ, are now invited into holy places (to know Him and have Him teach us about holy things and ourselves).

He became the Greatest Highest Priest of all time when He offered Himself for us.  Through His offering the veil is lifted, the veil was torn so we may enter and see His glory and worship Him for who He is and what He’s done for the world and for us.

We draw near Him in full assurance of faith with our hearts made clean by the sprinkling of His blood.  Our evil conscience has been cleansed and liberated.  We can approach the holy and marvel that we are attracted to Him and that we are worthy to have these thoughts and desires.

We hold fast, never laying down nor forgetting our confession to the truth of Christ’s work and redemption.  Fear not and no not waver.  Why?  He who promised is faithful to His people to fulfill all that  He promised in His Covenant with us and otherwise.  He is the faithful, Covenant-keeping God.  Therefore, we consider how to motivate others to also be faithful to Him, to love Him and serve Him and others.

Don’t neglect the Community and the coming together in person like some do.  Encourage one another and do it more vigorously as Evil is hunting, as you see the end coming and hope in the promise of Jesus’ return.

Cease the Day!

Hebrews 10: 19-25 ESV

Seeing the Larger Story

I read this entire article and thought: “what a great way to get into God’s’ Word!”  Only through seeking Him and through His Word, will we understand how we fit in the the Larger Story: God’s Story.

God wants his people to see and know, to consider and understand.

Even before I noticed this sequence in Isaiah, I developed my own steps for creating a lesson plan that are complementary to those in Isaiah. I call them the Five -ATES to EducATE. They include LocATE, ElaborATE, IlluminATE, IntegrATE, and ActivATE. As noted earlier, to educate means to lead or draw out from not knowing into knowing or relating to the subject—in this case, God’s story. The LocATE step identifies a problem or need the learners have that the content will address. ElaborATE develops the problem in a way that drives learners to resolve their problem. IlluminATE is the step in which content is presented. That can be done by a sage on the stage or a video lecture, or it can be done in the style of Donald L. Finkel, who wrote Teaching with Your Mouth Shut and emphasized handouts with text, commentaries, and case studies to help people teach themselves. The IntegrATE step has learners identify a way the truth of Scripture would relieve their problem. Finally, the ActivATE step challenges learners to determine a way they need to change because of insight from that truth, and to name someone to whom they will be accountable to follow through on that change.

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