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Solu — IT Innovation

Given my history and interest in IT, this innovation appeals to me.

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How do you see it?

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InSpero Performs

Here are two ladies who have been part of our fellowship for a long time.

This event is happening again this Sunday, November 29th, 6:00 PM @ Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church in Shelby County, Alabama

Jenny Pruitt and Gina Hurry wanted to slow down and meditate on what Christmas and the coming Christ and Kingdom means. From their shared longing comes InSpero’s offering to the community.  Jenny, a singer and songwriter, sings traditional hymns with new arrangements. Gina, an award-winning visual artist, paints “live” in response to Jenny’s music. Many gathered at Leeds Presbyterian Church in Leeds, Alabama to help usher them into the Advent season.


Give Thanks

1 Thessalonians 5:18, “In everything give thanks”

That is, to God the Father, in the name of Christ; see ( Ephesians 5:20 ) thanks are to be given to him for all things, as the Ethiopic version renders it; for all temporal good things; for our beings, the preservation of them; for food and raiment, and all the mercies of life; for the means of grace, the word and ordinances, and the ministers of the Gospel; for spiritual blessings, for electing, redeeming, regenerating, adopting, pardoning, justifying, and persevering grace: for a meetness for heaven, a right unto it, and a good hope of it; and especially for Jesus Christ, for such an husband, such an head, such a surety and Saviour, and advocate with the Father, as he is; and for life, peace, joy, comfort, righteousness, and salvation in him: and thanks should be given to God in every circumstance of life; in adversity, as Job did; when not in so comfortable and agreeable a frame of soul as to be wished for, since it might be worse, and is not black despair; even under the temptations of Satan, since they might be greater and heavier, and since the grace of God is sufficient to bear up under them, and deliver out of them, and since there is such a sympathizing high priest and Saviour; and in afflictions of every kind, since they are all for good, temporal, or spiritual, or eternal.

John Gill

Bison released for first time in 100 years

Kurdish Singer Zings ISIS



Pretty soon the LGBT… “community” will end up being the whole of humanity as variations continue to be added to the collection.   So, I came up with this one for them as this is clearly where we are all headed.


No “MF” does not stand for some lewd phrase used in pop vernacular.


Genesis 1

in the Word of God and you realize who we all are.    There is nothing new under the sun here.   God made them …

If you look back, you will see reality.

Beginning My Journey

Taryn Terrell, Wrestler

What I didn’t understand about being saved was that I could be forgiven. I could truly be forgiven for all of the bad things that I have done…I will tell you that the moment that I truly feel and believe that I was saved — all these years of thinking, ‘Sure, I’m a Christian. I am going to Heaven. I believe that I was going there’ — I was speaking with a Christian counselor in June and he asked me, ‘Are you saved?’ Again, I gave the same answer, ‘Yeah, sure. I believe in God, I believe in Heaven.’

It was then that he said, ‘Well, that’s great, but being a Christian means that you believe in Jesus. You believe that He died on the cross, that He died for our sins, that He was resurrected, that He is going to come again. That is your ticket to Heaven. That is your ticket to the Kingdom.’  It registered. It was something that I don’t know if I had heard before, or if I had heard it before, I didn’t truly hear it.

I remember I was driving and my daughter was in the back seat and I had this powerful, overwhelming feeling that came over me that somebody died. God sent Jesus to die for our sins. We are not talking about somebody who says, ‘Sure, you are forgiven.’ We are talking about somebody who suffered, who died so that we could be forgiven…The heaviness of that came upon me and I went to church that next week and my pastor was talking about the same thing, the exact same thing. If God wasn’t trying to talk to me than I don’t know anything.

This is the beginning of my journey…This is me, an infant Christian, coming to you because I was just so recently on the other side wondering ‘What does all this mean? Am I going to Heaven? Do I really need to have this personal relationship with God? Can’t I just be a good person, and do good things? Isn’t that enough? But it’s not. It’s not enough. You have that relationship.

Don’t you want to know what it is that will really truly get you to Heaven, to the Kingdom, to the glory of God?  Look, I don’t know much. Like I said, I am just in the process of beginning to be a Christian, but I am beginning to grow and mature and grow in my relationship with Christ.

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Do you have a Jet Pack?

Two Brothers

This story reminds me of the bonds between David and Jonathan in the Old Testament.   Listen to Allen Levi honor his younger, deceased brother.

O’Neal, Made it all up!

Go Here! and hear the reality…





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