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I confess, I missed Charlottesville, VA.  Actually I did hear about a protest that was going to happen but for some reason I ducked for the next several days and missed it altogether until today.

I believe Nelson Mandela’s thoughts are mostly right, except for maybe a nuance.  AND, that nuance makes a big difference. Read more of this post

Hebrews 10 The Greatest Sacrifice

My thoughts on Hebrews 10:19-25.

In view of what Jesus Christ did in His earthly life for us, let’s reflect and respond.

We who were bought and paid for with a price, the blood of Jesus Christ, are now invited into holy places (to know Him and have Him teach us about holy things and ourselves).

He became the Greatest Highest Priest of all time when He offered Himself for us.  Through His offering the veil is lifted, the veil was torn so we may enter and see His glory and worship Him for who He is and what He’s done for the world and for us.

We draw near Him in full assurance of faith with our hearts made clean by the sprinkling of His blood.  Our evil conscience has been cleansed and liberated.  We can approach the holy and marvel that we are attracted to Him and that we are worthy to have these thoughts and desires.

We hold fast, never laying down nor forgetting our confession to the truth of Christ’s work and redemption.  Fear not and no not waver.  Why?  He who promised is faithful to His people to fulfill all that  He promised in His Covenant with us and otherwise.  He is the faithful, Covenant-keeping God.  Therefore, we consider how to motivate others to also be faithful to Him, to love Him and serve Him and others.

Don’t neglect the Community and the coming together in person like some do.  Encourage one another and do it more vigorously as Evil is hunting, as you see the end coming and hope in the promise of Jesus’ return.

Cease the Day!

Hebrews 10: 19-25 ESV

Gospel of Kingdom

Crown Him


Gospel of John 2

Gospel of John 1

Alabaster Jar

I have come to appreciate the profound role women played in telling the story of redemption through the Old and New Testaments.  This story has profound significance in defining sin and forgiveness.

Today I look at Luke 7 as Jesus visits the home of a Pharisee.  A Pharisee is one Jew who carefully obeys the Law and the traditions of their sect.  A Pharisee invites Jesus for lunch and Jesus accepts the invitation.  They are sitting at table and a woman of the city was allowed in.  She moves to Jesus, weeps & wipes his feet with her tears, kisses his feet and anoints them with ointment.

She’s noted in the passage as a “sinner.”

She’s noted as a sinner?  How do Pharisees refer to and view themselves?  Righteous? and with few or no sins?  Either way, they are blind.  The system the Pharisees built was created on false premises.  Man can keep rules perfectly but his heart is still wicked.  They built a system of rules.  They kept the rules and they were righteous in their own eyes.  They projected that righteous image on all of society.

This woman kept no rules.  She presented herself and wept over her sin and saw Jesus’ righteousness.  She knew she was a sinner and repented of her sin.

After telling a story to the table, Jesus turns to the woman & describes the humility, grace, love and deference she has shown Him.  She loved Him much because her sins were forgiven.  Her love is a response to the reality of forgiveness.

Jesus boldly declares that the woman’s sins are forgiven!   Jews knew no man can forgive sins.  Only God can!  Jesus said to the woman, “your faith has saved you! Your sins are forgiven. Go in peace!”

P e a c e —the whole world seeks peace and Jesus is the only way to find it!  He satisfies the deepest needs & longings of the heart.  Peace is one of those needs.  With it you rest, trust & lay back on him!

This woman of the city left graced and free. She found peace that day.  If you come to gentle Jesus, He forgives sin and graces you with peace–a peace that stays near.


Jesus did not go to the home to dine with the Pharisee and his family, not even his disciples who accompanied him.  Jesus went to the Pharisee’s home for this woman. Jesus will step into darkness and face evil for his own.  He truly knows and goes after his sheep.  He came after me!  I am so glad he did. I humbly say “I am his!”




In Christ Alone

The Gospel of Jesus Christ in Mark 2