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Ex-Mormon Talk

Ex-Mormon Christian Mitz Nelson shares her story in Manti, UT. Transcript available here:…

Here are some video links being asked for: The Lost Book of Abraham…

DNA vs the Book of Mormon…

The Bible vs. The Book of Mormon…

Be Silent

“Be silent, all flesh before the LORD.”

Be silent all flesh before the LORD God, Jehovah.

Behold the things He has done in my behalf. Is all this not enough to cause the knee to bow…to fall prostrate before this awesome, magnificent being?

To Him be glory—truly He is the glory, the majesty and power. They all belong to Him.

God, the God of all glory loves you. He loves you. Be silent!

Consider His works—be silent.

Know that He is active. Be silent.

Receive into your heart all of His benefits. Be silent. WORSHIP this awesome and powerful God. Be silent.

Adore His splendor and be silent.

Rise up! And Bow down! Be silent.

Know that I am God, the one who put my finger on Abraham and birthed a nation and called many from beyond that nation from many, many nations to Myself and for My glory. The whole universe echoes My glory throughout time, My history, My moves and then through eternity. Be silent.

I do a new thing. I consummate all, for all time in the words, acts, thoughts and finally in the being of my Son, named for you Jesus. He will rise, My beautiful, and He will reign. He will receive the glory due and give glory due in the beautiful ever after, which becomes the present. Be silent!

Inspired by Zechariah 2.

Are Coptic Christians persecuted in Egypt?

Juliana Iskandar (جوليانا إسكندر), I am a Coptic-Egyptian-American
Answered Aug 12 is Quora

Hell Yes!

I’m tired of all the people denying that we are. No matter what your intentions are, you’re honestly not helping anyone by denying that it’s happening. Just go to Egypt. See for yourself how the Copts are treated. Ask them if they know someone who has been killed in the bombings, you will likely find someone who knows someone who was killed or injured by them or the mobs. Egypt has problems with the way it treats the Copts. That’s an observable fact. In some parts of Cairo and the rest of the country, I get stared at and harassed if I go without hijab. That shouldn’t happen. None of this should be happening frankly.

An Islamist mob burning down a church.

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