Support for Lauren Daigle

I ask you to pray for and support in whatever way the Lord may direct you, Lauren Daigle. She has been unjustly targeted by the Mayor or New Orleans, Mayor Cantrell, for being in the right place at the right time. Lauren was out riding her bike, socially distanced, when someone asked her to sing a song at an open air gathering. Let me repeat, not an enclosed space, but an open air gathering. The mayor seems to think she should be punished and denied the invitation to sing in a NO New Year’s celebration.

On Thursday afternoon, singer Laure Daigle responded to the mayor’s request for her to be excluded from the New Year’s Eve festivities.

Lauren Daigle’s full statement can be read below.

I love the city of New Orleans. Its music, culture and creative people are unlike any other, and its rich history should be celebrated.  That is what my work within the city has always focused on – my deep desire to see New Orleans and its music scene flourish.

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Marriages on the Rocks

Stress caused by the coronavirus is not only destabilizing marriages it’s also increasing domestic violence in Japan. Anticipating the increase, Japan’s minister for women’s empowerment launched a national hotline in April. Domestic violence researcher Tomoko Suga said one woman came to her for advice after unemployment drove her husband to alcoholism and physical abuse.

For the past 16 years, reported violence in Japan between spouses, as well as between parents and children, grew annually. This year, Amnesty International said the number of Japanese women reporting violence in April was 1.3 times higher than a year ago.

Even without violence, marriages are strained. This year, the term “corona divorce” began trending online as stress from lost jobs, reduced income, and telecommuting ignited conflict in the country.

One Tokyo-based company tried to avert the anticipated wave of breakups by providing short-term rental units in several cities. “The goal is to avoid divorce,” company spokesman Kosuke Amano told Kyodo News. “We hope couples first distance themselves and think about [their marriage]. For our part, we will provide rooms that they can live in and an environment for teleworking.” —J.A.S.

Marriages on the rocks

There is always hope for a marriage. Comment if your marriage needs help.