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Our Divorce Did Not Work Out!


See The Heart of Man

The Heart of Man from Fantom Events


Impact of Clerestory



Step into the Story!

Seeing the Larger Story

I read this entire article and thought: “what a great way to get into God’s’ Word!”  Only through seeking Him and through His Word, will we understand how we fit in the the Larger Story: God’s Story.

God wants his people to see and know, to consider and understand.

Even before I noticed this sequence in Isaiah, I developed my own steps for creating a lesson plan that are complementary to those in Isaiah. I call them the Five -ATES to EducATE. They include LocATE, ElaborATE, IlluminATE, IntegrATE, and ActivATE. As noted earlier, to educate means to lead or draw out from not knowing into knowing or relating to the subject—in this case, God’s story. The LocATE step identifies a problem or need the learners have that the content will address. ElaborATE develops the problem in a way that drives learners to resolve their problem. IlluminATE is the step in which content is presented. That can be done by a sage on the stage or a video lecture, or it can be done in the style of Donald L. Finkel, who wrote Teaching with Your Mouth Shut and emphasized handouts with text, commentaries, and case studies to help people teach themselves. The IntegrATE step has learners identify a way the truth of Scripture would relieve their problem. Finally, the ActivATE step challenges learners to determine a way they need to change because of insight from that truth, and to name someone to whom they will be accountable to follow through on that change.

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The Pose of Audrey Assad

How Millennials Can Avoid Poverty

I love this! I heard a talk given to 6th and 7th graders about the “Success Sequence” and itImage result for young couple w children   is really true!

The formula is so, so simple.

1. Graduate from high school;

2. Maintain a full-time job or have a mate who does; and

3. Have children while married, should they choose to become parents.

It’s that simple.  Get a high school education, maintain a full-time job and have children in marriage, not out.

If you have the ethics to achieve these, the  great percentage of millennial aged people will avoid poverty.

The fuller story can be found here,

Internet Addiction

This great talk covers many Addictions.  You may not be aware of them.  Do these affect you?

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Hebrews 12, Opening Verses

I have a consistent way to engage Scripture but sometimes (rarely) it turns out like the Amplified Bible.  Here is one example.  I loved these verses this morning as I read through.

¹We are surrounded by the eternal and the glorified.  We are surrounded by an even greater cloud of witnesses than those in Hebrews 11.

I’m called to lay aside every weight, distraction, encumbrance and sin, especially those which easily entangle me and run with endurance (practice every day to build endurance) the race that is set before (and ready to take whatever comes).

²Look to Jesus as source & perfecter of faith in me.  Remembering that He endured with joy the Cross, despised the shame brought on Him and finally after enduring all suffering for me and He is seated at the right hand of the Father: enthroned to manage His created order.

³Jesus is my example in endurance, who endured unbelievable hostility and abuse by men.  May I not grow weary and faint nor lose heart.

How to Change Deeply

Thank God on Earth Day

From Reasons to Believe in 2016:

Every year on April 22, millions of people worldwide will gather on local beaches, streets, and parks to collect trash, plant trees, and honor and celebrate our Earth. In recent years, Earth Day has become almost as popular as Halloween and Christmas, observed by people from diverse religious beliefs and backgrounds. Rather than dismissing the holiday as just another day, Earth Day can remind us of the carefully crafted and fine-tuned home God has made for us. Read more of this post