Word of God

The Word of God, the Bible–Old and New Testaments. It is what we have of God. Actually we have more than the Word but I am just focusing on the Word of God right now.

We are so blessed these days to have devices to deliver to us the Word of God and other tools to help us understand the Word of God more clearly and more accurately. I use as many of them as I want to read and study the Word of God–laptop, Kindle, cell phone and more if I have them. Sometimes, however, I want to hold the Word of God.

Yes, in ancient times the Word was temporarily held in the minds of men and spoken to others. However, God’s design is that His Word be retained in written form. This insures His message as He gave it originally is retained.

I still love holding the Word of God in my hand and reading from the physical copy. I desired that today and it was satisfying. The written Word allows us to notate much more easily in my view and when I retrace I am reminded and I remember what I have been taught by Him in the past.

That is His Big objective — that we remember Him, His truth, His leading us through all of life. Our souls need Him–we need to remember His truths and His work in us. Thus we grow and mature and become more conformed in Christlikeness.

Read the Word of God today! Through the Word we are changed in the ways that pleases our Lord Jesus.