Tom Thum Brilliance

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We all need a rest at times from the routine. Take this opportunity

This is ‘raw talent’–nothing synthetic here.

What amazes me about Tom Thum is that his vocal cords can take the thrashing they must endure performance after performance.


Sex Slavery

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Sex slavery is our modern slavery problem.   We don’t like to face it but if we follow Jesus we must fight for the freedom and redemption of those who are caught in the net and long to be free but can’t free themselves.

The good news is that Bridgitte is free today.  But she was driven into non-existence by the predators around her before freeing herself.    The scars leave and abberant view of men.  She may forever be uncomfortable around men.   That should not be.

To read her horrifying story click the link below and search for Brigitte Bazibuhe.   Her’s is the third story in the series.  Center for Investigative Reporting

Preparation of the Disciples

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Cleopas, on the Road to Emmaus verbalized that this Jesus was a “prophet.”  This mysterious man walking with Cleopas then explained and interpreted the Old Testament scriptures for them about the Messiah and how they relate to Him.  Jesus sat at the table with them, breaking bread, then their eyes opened and their hearts burned (in a good way) within again and they knew al that He spoke to them was true.  “The Lord has risen indeed” they told the eleven disciples.

By the way this sequence is laid out here in Luke 24, I sense that the two on the road to Emmaus were skeptics.  But their eyes were opened.  They then realize that all Jesus explained to them from the Old Testament was true and they were amazed and in awe.  It is actually true!  Could it be? Jesus was in flesh and blood, died and was buried.  Is He actually with us? Yes!  We recognized Him.  It is hard to believe but it was all true! More

Road to Emmaus

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Powerful proof Jesus rose when He said He would

I have included the story I read this morning below.  This story is from Luke 24 and it is 3 days after Jesus was buried in a borrowed tomb.

If you are like, me you read the Bible and most of the words you and I read seem insignificant and it could be with this passage.

What do I see here in Luke 24? Despondent disciples of Jesus are walking along, probably sad and not speaking many words as they walk.  As I read this set of verses this morning, I got to verse 21 and realized I wanted to shake Cleopas’ hand when I see him in heaven.  He is a man after my heart.  “I believe but then it seems not to have come true.” More

One Thousand Gifts

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Ann Voskamp has a way of calling what God has put into us out of us and I am a man and she still has this effect. Ladies, listen, she has something to say. Find a time when you have 20 minutes and listen to a broken but grateful woman of God who will call out of you something more.

Blessings on you Ann!

Sex Trafficking Update


Here is a good documentary on what is happening now in America!

Internet Child Sex Trafficking in America

The wrong view of sex is trashing God’s view of masculinity and God’s view of femininity.

The Truth about Lucie Jones

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I received good news on Lucie Jones today. She has grown up level headed even as she became a model after a great performance on X Factor (Great Britian).


Lucie Jones

Well, I really hadn’t followed her because my data is from 2012 but it was nice to listen to the wisdom in her thoughts about stardom and what life offers. I believe she went through a period where she really did let the lights of the stage get to her. Maybe the rejection by Simon Cowell in 2011 made her grow up quicker. What ever the reason it is refreshing to see the young lady mature to sound reasoning. More

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