The Power of Vulnerability

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Are you worthy?  Are you connected to the people around you? How?

The Power of Empathy

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What is empathy?  It is understanding, relating to or identifying with another person’s experiences and emotions or the ability to share someone else’ feelings.  Empathy makes a person feel you understand or relate to what they are going through.  Empathy is connection with another person.


More Acapella – Run to You!

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He’s got a good name, Wesley, so he has to be good! ;0)

Enjoy Acapella!

Sex Trafficking in Cambodia

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My Life is in Your Hands

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We have such an opportunity to worship our King and Maker!

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Cute, cute, cute!!!   I’d give anything to head back to high school.  I relate to the “Chad Christian” in this cute, funny little video.  He doesn’t know it, but he has what it takes. He will come through for he and his admiree.



Social Media and the Teenage Brain


I was not empathetic when I was a teenager. I learned to be empathetic in a church community where it was modeled. Now, look what social media is apparently doing to the brain of the young.

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