Deep Restoration

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We are all in need of deep restoration.  Here are some of my thoughts from John Eldredge’s book, Waking the Dead, which speaks to our need for deep restoration.

You may have thought I was through with Waking the Dead by now but not so. I am going through the book with a group of guys and we are taking our time digesting and applying it. It is summer after all so we are more laid back in our approach.

At the beginning of the chapter, Eldredge paints a picture of our hearts and what has happened to them through life. Without going into details, he makes a case for how our hearts have been wounded and broken especially in the younger years of a person’s life. More

What you Don’t Know About David and Goliath

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Malcolm presents good analysis of the recording of David meeting Goliath.  He lifts the covers on the details in the text that most of us miss.

David and His life contain truth meant to lead and guide us even today.  We do well to listen and learn.

Science Makes God Unnecessary

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Not so fast. Ph.D. mathematician and professor Dr. William Dembski loves science and seeing what scientific discovery points to: the necessity of a Master designer. Watch him explain how. Dembski is the author of Evidence for God: 50 Arguments for Faith from the Bible, History, Philosophy, and Science.

A Million Raindrops

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We need to kisses of a million raindrops.

“All your thoughts, all your words…like a Father’s kiss that all my life I’ve waited on” – these thoughts, these words are the Scriptures, living Words of The Father.


Southside Flash Mob, Praise Him!

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Every inner city does not look like what you see on TV.  Here is a bright spot, a very bright spot from the Southside of Birmingham, Alabama.  Please watch.

Made my day!


I go to work early and come home early to avoid traffic.

Yesterday I left work later and was headed down a 2-lane street near home with lots of cars.  Up ahead I noticed a lady waiting in the turn lane to cross our lane.   I looked behind me and there were cars as far as I could see.  I slowed, moving closer I motioned to her with my hand to cross.  At that moment I realized she was not looking at the road but was holding her face in one handand slanted down.  She got herself in gear girlwavcar_quickly and made the turn.  As she did her daughter passed on my side with both arms waving and mouthing through the window, “Thank you! thank you!” as she passed by.

That made my day.   It is amazing to me how little it took from me to get a big thank you like that.  That made my day!   Imagine how the Father feels when we say “Thank you!” to Him.



The Broken

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Father, hear the hearts of the broken and heal the hearts of the broken!

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