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Inside the Mind of Martin Scorsese for Silence

Scorsese on Silence, the Movie & Faith

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Tyranny of Social Warriors

I do not know the modern American politics and culture.

How Can Homosexuality be Wrong…

I did a series 4 years ago on homosexuality.   I have changed my views on homosexuality since that time.

There is new information out and new perspectives.  I will say that my new perspective comes from reading a book called Washed and Waiting.  It tells a person’s story through discovering the homosexual orientation of a Mr. Hill.   I have not finished the book so I will not recommend it at this point.  However, it presents a view to homosexuality I have not appreciated in the past and I will say the read is very enlightening for me.


God Shines On…

Little White Country Church

“Who hath despised the day of small things?” Little community churches like this are the heartbeat of God. Although this little white country church only has services once per week the foundation upon which a small church like this is built is everlasting. Sun beams shine down as a blessing upon this little bethel, on a snowy winter afternoon.

Courtesy: Forest Wander

February 2 – Dead Presidents

I am reblogging a brother’s post which I find thoughtful and exposing. Enjoy and check out his world and words from across the ocean.

If ever there was a group who would rightly be able to say “not my leader” it was the first century Jews. But what did Jesus say to them? What do we today owe our president?

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Psychoanalysis of American Political Mentalities

Here is a call to Jesus followers regarding the psychology that may be driving us without our knowledge.  I must listen to John again because I did not get all he said the first time.

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God Said, “Watch This!”

Samaritan Water

Jesus was becoming popular in Judea.

He knew the Pharisees were watching Him so He left Judea.  He comes upon a well in Related imageSychar: Jacob’s well.  A woman comes and Jesus speaks to her.  “Give me a drink.” Samaritans and Jews do not interact if avoidable.  Also, man to strange woman is touchy.  But Jesus loved this woman and knew He had the best gift to offer anyone.  He knew she would be receptive!

“How is it you, a Jew, talk to a Samaritan?” Jews have no dealings with Samaritans. “If you knew the gift of God and who I am, you would ask for living water.” Read more of this post

Falafel House

I like Yassin.  He is a good refugee. I would eat his wraps if I were there.