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Why Millennials are Leaving the Church

We have some real noise out there on a CNN blog along with some thoughtful comments.      

We, the church of Jesus Christ, also have some problems with the young culture growing up in the West, including the USA, really fast. We are not reaching out to the millennials and we are not reaching the millennials. Rachel Evans wrote this blog for CNN describing her view of the state of the church vs. the millennials’ thinking and needs. She also used data from this survey. Rachel had mostly sound things to say because she was basing her comments on this survey, though she did add her own views. I did take issue with this thought:

…young evangelicals often feel they have to choose between their intellectual integrity and their faith, between science and Christianity, between compassion and holiness.

You see I don’t believe any of those pairings are incongruent. You, young, old and millennial can keep intellectual integrity and your faith. There is no disparity between the two. Thousands if not millions of Jesus followers are intellectual and cherish their faith. Read more of this post

How to Defeat Sex Addiction

God drew Paul to Himself. Then he “pulled” him out of sexual addiction. Fascinating!

God did a wonderful thing in his real relationship.

Lawrence Shaw Story (LR)

Lawrence Shaw’s Story at Intown Community Church Atlanta.

Any time you see LR in the title of a blog this year, it stands for Lord of the Rings. It’s a hint that the blog is about the themes delivered in the Lord of the Rings trailer.

Lord of the Rings Trailer Part 1

Secret Addictions – Public Liberation

Whitney Long had an ongoing problem drug abuse until her father discovered her secret. Find out how Whitney experienced freedom from addiction, and she learned: “…never believe the lie of the enemy that your life is without purpose.”

Nation of Criminals

That’s what we are here in the good old, new USA nation of laws.   That is,  laws which ensnare law-abiding citizens.

Check this video to see what I am talking about:

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Green Church

For some, caring for the planet conjures up left-wing “tree-huggers.” But one Idaho church asks — how can you be pro-life and not be pro-creation?

Sex Trafficking–On Again!!

What is 4 / 14 Window?

What is your concern about the children of the 4 – 14 Window? I am concerned — really concerned about child exploitation in the form of sex slavery. It exists today–it is happening right now. What are we going to do about it.
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Fostering Lopez Lomong

Lopez is performing for the USA in London, 2012.

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Is Chick-Fil-A AntiGay? No! or How to be Hung for Promoting Family Values

From Cal Thomas:

Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy is in hot water with the LGBT community


Eatmorchikn  ( Wikipedia)

because he committed the cardinal sin in an age of political correctness: Thou must not speak ill of anything gays, lesbians, bisexuals or transgenders wish to do.

In an interview with the Baptist Press and later on a Christian radio program, Cathy, whose father, the philanthropist Truett Cathy, founded the company, defended marriage between a man and a woman and when asked about the company’s support of traditional marriage said, “Guilty as charged. We are very much supportive of the family — the biblical definition of the family unit.” Cathy believes American society is rotting (and where is evidence to the contrary?) because the country has turned away from God.

That was it. Cathy did not say he would deny someone with a different view than his the right to eat in or work at any of his fast-food restaurants, which would violate the law. He did not say anything hateful about them. He simply expressed a deeply held conviction rooted in his Christian faith. Read more of this post


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