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Tim Keller on Homosexuality

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How to Change Deeply

Tim Keller and John Piper on C. S. Lewis

All work that helps people is God’s work

Tim Keller speaks at Samford on the wonder of work.  (From

The Rev. Timothy Keller, bestselling author of “The Reason for God” and “Making Sense of God,” meets a lot of high-paid executives from the worlds of finance and entertainment in his New York City church.

But the people working menial jobs and the work they do are just as important, Keller told a crowd gathered to hear him in the Wright Center at Samford University on Tuesday.

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How To Change Deeply

A very good teaching on transformational change. Do you want to change?

Interpreting the Bible – Keller

Tim Keller does not believe anyone is truly a biblical literalist. He does not take all of the Bible literally. BUT, he explains what that means to him and to us.