The Spiritual Journey: Lord of the Rings Truth

J. R. R. Tolkien was a Christian. Whether he meant for there to be spiritual parallels to the concepts presented in the Lord of the Rings trilogy is up for grabs. Personally I believe he knew those spiritual parallels. I have sat in Lewis and Tolkien’s corner at the Eagle and Child in Oxford, England. Tolkien and Lewis bantered all sorts of topics in their daily discussions at the pub. In fact, it was Tolkien who was instrumental in Lewis’ move from atheism to theism and beyond.

That’s mostly irrelevant because Lewis and Tolkien are gone and we are here! We now play our part in our world which influences our own hearts and the hearts around us for God or not. What role are you playing?

Cate Blanchett portrays Galadriel in The Lord ...

Galadriel speaks to Frodo: “This task was appointed to you, and if you do not find a way, no one will!” Frodo with Sam’s support saw his task to the end and then he was rescued.

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