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Gratitude, is Thanksgiving!

How to not have or want more but how to BE more because that’s the ultimate goal

Image result for child holding leavesThere are only so many full orbits around the sun, and who makes time to lie in bed and listen to rain thrumming on roofs or to take someone for strawberry ice cream sundaes and linger down at the bridge, the river running underneath like the present running through your hands?

Your time is limited— so don’t limit your life by wanting someone else’s. …  The hands of the clock are bound by the decisions of our hands. And He has made our hands free to be His. …  Smiling at anyone is to awe at the face of God.  …  What if the truth really is that every tremor of kindness here erupts in a miracle elsewhere in the world?  …  Five random acts of kindness in a week can increase happiness for up to three months later.

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Have a wonderful day!  Have a glorious Thanksgiving if you celebrate it today.  Live a life of Gratitude–that is what giving thanks should lead us to everyday.


Why Gratitude is Not Enough

Ann Voskamp: An Activist???

Fair Trade Friday




Black Friday / Cyber Monday Alternative

Not everyone spends Black Friday in the wee hours at big-box stores or shopping malls. Some people, usually of the male variety, enjoy picking and pulling car parts at the Pick-n-Pull junk yard in Virginia Beach.

I didn’t go out on Black Friday this year.  My teen grands did however, at 12 AM and the rest of the family went out in the daylight.   I believe the 12 AM openings spread the crowds over the shopping day to make the experience for everyone more bearable.

Folks in the city need to watch this…

Thoughts on Thanksgiving, 2010

The First Thanksgiving, painted by Jean Leon G...

The First Thanksgiving

I don’t know when the first Thanksgiving in America occurred, sometime in the 1600’s?  The thought I had this Thanksgiving is that the first Thanksgiving was multi-ethnic.  So, we, the USA, were a a blended nation from the start.   The Indians were there along with the anglo Europeans.

Conservative Party poster from 1909, in which ...


A little know fact about that original same colony in Jamestown was that they tried a form or socialism or communism from the start but it failed right away.  I take that to indicate that the USA was not meant to be a socialist nation though right now we are headed that direction and it is killing us.

American Flag of the United States of America ...

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We don’t learn well lessons from history because we don’t like history.  We, in America, are only concerned about the here and now.   That value or attitude could be very fatal.

American cultural icons, apple pie, baseball, ...

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Enjoy your Holy day and be thankful for what God has given you.   You will be better for having that attitude.

Richard Warren, among 10 passengers in the lan...

The Mayflower Sailed against many odds