Gladwell on the Norden bombsight

Much to learn here about human nature and how we deal with one another!   God forgive us for what we did to the helpless Japanese!


How to live in Whole Heartedness

with Brené Brown, a secularists so far as I can tell. However, her insights on the human psyche and needs are helpful.

Love, connection, vulnerability, perfection, belonging, fear are just a few of the emotions Brene addresses.  We followers of Jesus may learn something here.

The Demise of Guys

CNN has gotten on board–covering the American culture in a way that exposes the people we are becoming.  An intact society requires many men with good servant-leadership skills.  I don’t know about you but I have experience many diversions in my life–diversions which distract me from becoming a man.  Diversions cause Christian men to err from becoming the men that the Trinity desires we become.  I have erred.  I see the error.   Is it too late for the Christianity community in America–I don’t think so!  The first step is addressing the issue is to confront the issue head on.

Here are some data from CNN related to two major diversions which are taking our men down.  Men–rise up!  Become aware of the Evil that hunts you.  Evil hunts us in the most innocent activities we engage in.  Beware! Continue reading