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The First Word in Bible Points to Jesus


The Good News

Falling Plates

I want Eternal Life

I don’t know about you but I want eternal life and not a life that has the issues that this life has but one where His rule and reign produce every lasting peace in my soul.

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God Changes Lives

See what God can do. He changed
this neo-natzi, white supremacist’s heart. Then, He changed his
life–for the good. He always does that!!

Julie suffered sexual abuse as a child.
After years of failed relationships and an abusive husband, Julie
was able to escape the bonds of guilt and feeling of
worthlessness…. with God’s help.

God wants us to be fully alive!

Deliverance–from All Things Bad, To All Things New

God answers the drug addict’s prayer. That answer lead him to the greatest discovery of life. Can you believe the answer?

Find Peace in Him


He is THE source for peace. Rest in Him. Lean on Him. Trust Him intimately.
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One Step to Jesus

Casey turns from drugs to the best life has to offer.

Do you believe like Casey that God still has a plan for you? He wants to fulfill you more than you could ever dream. Believe and receive Him now.

Les Miserables-Another view of Valjean’s Conversion (LR)

This is the 1957 English version of Les Miserables. To get the impact on Jean Val Jean view from minutes 13:15 to 22:15 to see the interaction with Jean Valjean and the Bishop.

In my close circle of friends, I don’t hear good reviews of the last Les Miserables movie. I enjoyed it but others did not. There are many versions of Les Miserables, both movie and stage, proving it a great spiritual epic as well as an excellent portrayal of the human struggle for freedom.
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Best Les Miserables Scene (LR)

To understand Les Miserables:

I featured this scene in 2012 but it bears repeating because it ties into the themes of the Lord of the Rings trailer so well.

I was so touched last year by this scene in Les Miserables. As you may know, a new movie version of Les Mis is out and in theaters now.

To get the essence of what Victor Hugo was trying to get across to the culture of France in his time (1700’s) –you should realize that Jean Valjean was put into prison for stealing 1 loaf of bread to feed his sister’s starving family.

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