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Life & Death of Nabeel Qureshi

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The Gospel of Jesus Christ in Mark 2

The Gospel of Jesus Christ in Mark

Lewis and Tolkien Debate Myths and Lies

The Devil’s Delusion: Atheism…

The Devil’s Delusion: Atheism and its Scientific Pretensions
(Paperback edition, Basic Books, September 2009)

“Berlinski’s book is everything desirable: it is idiomatic, profound, brilliantly polemical, amusing, and of course vastly learned. I congratulate him.” —William F. Buckley Jr.

Militant atheism is on the rise. Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, and Christopher Hitchens have dominated bestseller lists with books denigrating religious belief as dangerous foolishness. And these authors are merely the leading edge of a far larger movement–one that now includes much of the scientific community. Read more of this post

The Most Misunderstood Thing About Jesus

Jesus’ first miracle was one that would have made a lot of religious folk angry.He was at a party, a 1st century Jewish wedding to be exact, an event where people party – for many days.  The wine had run out and Jesus’ mother pressed him to “do his thing” and fix this most heinous faux pas.  There are a million ways He could have done it, but He chose to make about 180 gallons of wine in 6 large containers used for a sacred Jewish cleansing ritual.

A modern day version of this would be to walk into a Baptist church, fill the baptistry (a small swimming pool where folks are baptised) with wine and say, “Party on dudes.”

Jesus’ first miracle was to keep a party going.  Why is He almost always portrayed as such as buzz kill?
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(Christianity) State of the Union

I came upon an article I just had to read.  A State of the Union: Progressive Christianity.

The article is a script of a Prof. Burklo of U. of Southern California.   I am not sure the implications of “progressive” in his title–maybe he considers some of Christianity not progressive and also backwards?  Ok, I will give him that.  I find some believers somewhat backwards.

I went to the site of the church were this sermon was given,  the United Church of Christ, Simi Valley, CA.   I noted their core beliefs which I have listed below.   I noted right off there is nothing about the person of Christ that is in the name of the church nor of the Bible, which is about that person.  But here we go on values:

We Welcome the LGBT Community!

OK, good one UCC, we do too here in the deep South.  We do not turn anyone away from the doors of our church, also “red and yellow, black and white” they are all precious in His site.  We believe that as well. Read more of this post

America, Religion and Their History Together

Someone who has studied American history more than I has weighed in on what role religion or more importantly belief in God and America’s public forums.

I am speaking of Chief Justice Antonin Scalia.   His remarks were covered in the Salt Lake Tribune.

Below are quotes from the piece and not necessarily in the order presented there.

There is “no place” in the country’s constitutional traditions for the idea that the state must be neutral between religion and its absence. “To tell you the truth, there is no place for that in our constitutional tradition. Where did that come from?” he asked.  “To be sure, you can’t favor one denomination over another but can’t favor religion over non-religion?”

He also said there is “nothing wrong” with the idea of presidents and others invoking God in speeches. He said God has been good to America because Americans have honored him. Read more of this post

Let’s Blame Christianity For Everything, And Islam For Nothing

The following article was taken from The Federalist. The Federalist holds full rights to its content.

The media’s double standard on discussing Islam’s problem with violence is preventing the Let’s Blame Christianity For Everything, And Islam For Nothingpublic discussion that could help reduce it.

After Islamic terrorists invade a newspaper office and murder 12 people, the first reaction from impartial observers should most assuredly not be to condemn Catholics for the Spanish Inquisition.

Yet this is the disgusting and ahistorical message many liberal advocates of moral equivalence shared on social media. Remember that Christians have been violent, too, in the name of religion, and don’t say anything bad about Islam. Jon Harmon, the legislative director for Cincinnati Council member Chris Seelbach, tweeted, in an attack on CNN anchor Don Lemon, “Embarrassing. Will @donlemon ask Catholics if they support molester priests or the Spanish Inquisition?”

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What is Courage?

G. K. Chesterton on courage:

Courage is almost a contradiction in terms.
It means a strong desire to live taking the form of a readiness to die.
“He that will lose his life, the same shall save it,
“ is not a piece of mysticism for saints and heroes.
It is a piece of everyday advice for sailors or mountaineers.
It might be printed in an Alpine guide or a drill book.
The paradox is the whole principle of courage, even of quite earthly or quite brutal courage.
A man cut off by the sea may save his life if he will risk it on the precipice.
He can only get away from death by continually stepping within an inch of it.
A soldier surrounded by enemies, if he is to cut his way out,
needs to combine a strong desire for living with a strange carelessness about dying.
He must not merely cling to live, for then he will be a coward, and will not escape.
He must not merely wait for death, for then he will be a suicide, and will not escape.
He must seek his life in a spirit of furious indifference to it,
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