My Old Man 1

Shane Dorian has faced some of the most dangerous waves in the world, is an avid hunter, and considers himself most in his element when outdoors. And for his son, Jackson, Dorian is passing on the same appreciation for the wild that comes with an endless spirit of outdoor exploration.

John Eldredge on Becoming a Man

Here is a long quote from the John Eldredge book, Wild At Heart about men as boys coming into our

sexual identity. Men, we have to deal with this issue, we have to deal with it if and when we don’t have a healthy view of the women in our lives. I have quoted John Eldredge here because he helps us begin getting our view of women aligned to the view that God wants us to own. He wants healthy relationships between his children–men and women in the church.

We may have started puberty on the wrong foot, but there is good news. We can and will right our thinking about our sisters in Christ and other women of course.

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View From The Pew

I entered the door and saw a sanctuary less than 1/2 full. We sat with our family and I began to reflect. Soon the worship music began and in another few minutes the church filled to 1/2 capacity.

I reflected on why this church was at its current size and I came to the conclusion that the primary reason is the sin of one of its pastors.

It was once a vibrant church, filled to capacity with an amazing history of how it rose to be a great church in a southern states suburb. Don’t get me wrong here. God is not finished with this church. I have hope that it may yet rise to even greater heights than its former glory.

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The Lover of My Soul

A lifetime of negative male relationships leaves Kelly Caroll contemplating suicide just to end the pain. Kelly is betrayed time and again. She is looking for significance through these relationships but never finds the significance her soul longs for, until…