The Prayer

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I Got You!

Shannon Johnson

This man is a war hero!

Shannon Johnson saved the life of Denise Peraza.    He is a war hero and he should be praised and honored as one.   All in the Inland Hospital’s conference room party just last week were involuntarily initiated into a war.   Shannon along with the rapidly responding police force are heroes in a war that could only be conceived by demons. Continue reading

Being Poured Out

I’ve often read Philippians and know that chapter 2 presents the Jesus model. The Jesus model shows us what He did to free us and have this everlasting life.

I felt I need an image to get my arms around what Jesus did for me. This morning I was in chapter 2 again and I saw it–the image that I needed. In verse 17, Paul says he is being “poured out” as a drink offering for the enlargement of the faith of the Philippians. That’s it!! The Jesus model has the same imagery for me as I look back to verses 5-11. Jesus poured Himself out. He sacrificed all to come to earth for us. He gave up position and power and made Himself lowly. He is the ultimate model of humility. This model we emulate by pouring ourselves out for Him and others.

A brother of mine recently wrote: “I am desiring to pour out what I am. I want to be desperate not only for what dwells with in me, but what dwells in others. I want to impact others, I want to be significant, I want to count.”

We, like Paul, pour ourselves out for the sake of another’s faith. Jesus poured Himself out for a billion people who inhabit the planet right now and who name His Name. He gave up all of Heaven and journeyed to earth so that we might know Him and the Father.

Push Past the Pain

Below is an example of what we are called on to do as Christians in America. Antoinette Tuff works at a school in Decatur, Georgia. She was in the right place at the right time for God to use her in a powerful way.

Antoinette had JUST received devastating personal news on the phone when she confronts a psychic young man with an AK-47 in a school full of children.

She forsakes all to follow Christ.

See her story of focus, courage, and bravery below.

Interview on Anderson 360

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Captive in Iran

In Iran, high-profile cases of Christian pastors being arrested, imprisoned and tortured have put the spotlight on the treatment of Christians in the Islamic republic. Now, two Iranian women are telling their story of persecution.

What is heart?

The human heart is a beautiful thing. It is warm, soft, palpable. The wisdom of Solomon in Proverbs calls for guarding our hearts. That’s impossible! We live in a broken world and as Jesus followers we are hunted. Calamity, tears, pain, and suffering are going to come. But the human heart is worth guarding, how so? Because it is infinitely precious to its Creator. God loves us. When the Word says God loves us, the implication is that He loves our very essence. Our very essence is housed in our hearts.

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