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The Pose of Audrey Assad

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For many years I hid from my true self through my performance in ministry. I constructed an identity through sermons, books and storytelling. I rationalized that if the majority of Christians thought well of me, there was nothing wrong with me. The more I invested in ministerial success, the more real the impostor became. Read more of this post

Tagging the New Used Car

Next day, I took my identifying papers in a folder and headed to the courthouse from my desk. As I walked down the sidewalk to the courthouse, I sensed my emotions changing. I sensed “challenge” and the need for courage. Dealing with any “system,” governmental or otherwise has always been a battle for me. Read more of this post

Learning to Cope: How not to be Authentic

In the 5th grade something happened in the school cafeteria which I observed along with many other

English: Some ketchup on a plate, looking like...

students.  Two boys were playing with red plastic ketchup bottles after lunch before the bell rang and one of them figured out that if you squeezed the bottle fast enough and with enough pressure–you could make the ketchup hit the ceiling.  He did that a couple of times with many students looking on.

At the supper table that night  this topic came up and my dad was curious about what happened and who was involved.  So, he asked questions to find out what happened and who did it.  He then decided to call the principal after supper and tell him what happened.  When he came back to the den, not thinking about how it might play out the next day at school, he didn’t give me any advice or guide me about  anything to say if someone asked about what he told the principal.

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Lies We Believe

Lies we believe

Click above to: Listen to the Word, then listen to the lies.

The Mask

Some many experiences make us who we are today. But, some parts of who we are, are fake, not authentic. Jesus calls us to be genuine and honest. You can get there–believe me, I am seeing men and women do it every day.

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Healing a Marriage When Trust is Broken

This could be one used in the pose section either early on or much later in the details.

When Chris Beall admitted his pornography addiction to his wife Cindy, they made the tough decision to work on marriage restoration.

He was a poser, lying to his wife, but miraculiously redeemed by God.

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The Ultimate False Self

Listen to Jeff’s set up. He tells how he overlaid reality
with facades and lies to cover the pain in his life.

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Saving Lily

I heard a heart breaker this morning. Lily is a high school junior in a very stable and loving family. She is not completely adjusted to the high school culture and mentality. For that reason some of her friends refer to her at times as weird or awkward. She is a strong girl but her older sister is the Miss High School and has many other accomplishments.

Last night Lily had been out with friends. She came home in good spirits and joined the family sitting around the TV. She said to her brother that she was going to a friends house tomorrow. He said, “Good” and not in an offensive way. She exploded and it was nasty. Her father took her outside and she completely broke down sobbing and expressing that none of her friends like her. She truly believes she is weird or awkward and doesn’t know how to related to people.

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God Loves Ugly!

Hers is such a perfect picture of the masks we all wear. Christa’s transparency allows her’s to be exposed. What about yours? What masks are you wearing?

CBN Write Up:

Christa has traveled the world with renowned artists such as The Jonas Brothers, Michael W. Smith and Israel Houghton and worked with performers such as American Idol’s Jordin Sparks. While Christa’s singing, songwriting and violin abilities have attracted critical acclaim, she started her songwriting career during one of the most difficult times in her life. When Christa admitted herself in a treatment facility for eating disorders for 40 days, she picked up an old guitar. She started writing songs that helped her cope with the pain of her addictions including God Loves Ugly andWas I the Only One recorded by Jordin Sparks.

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