Chosen: to Loose

Chosen, a 20-minute film, tells the shocking true story of two “all-American” teenage girls deceived into trafficking. Eighteen-year-old Brianna was an honor-roll student and cheerleader and worked at a local café. Thirteen-year-old Lacy was an active member of her youth group, and a volunteer in her community.

Both were manipulated. Both were exploited. Both were “chosen”.

Each year in the United States, at least 100,000 children are exploited in the commercial sex industry. Because sex trafficking is an issue rarely discussed at home, in school, or in church, parents and children are unaware of the dangers that face America’s youth. Shared Hope International is reaching out with the truth — to equip and protect kids from being chosen.

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How do I Respond to Women?

In my head, that is.

I view women described as Golden Haired Woman  illustrated by  John Eldredge in Wild at Heart.   Women tempt me and my response is not always good.  However, this concept of the Golden Haired Woman–the woman that we seek but who will never fulfill us–the image of femininity in my mind meets a possible example on the street around me.   If I let my mental image of femininity lock with what I see in front of me, thoughts may go the wrong direction quickly.   But, if I take up the Golden Haired woman concept and realize that this woman or my image of what this woman may be will never fulfill me.  Only God can.  That’s helped me realize that I can think a different way about women I encounter who may fit my image of attractive femininity. Continue reading

Sex Trafficking and the Super Bowl

The media is covering the issue of sex trafficking in America–a little bit!   Here is a fascinating story of

what Indiana and Indianapolis did for the Super Bowl.

Are you a Lioness?

Lisa Beverehas a message for many of the royal line.  She talks about the lioness.  See what she thinks here.

Lion (Panthera leo) at the San Diego zoo

There are several reasons why this animal reveals strength and courage in women. She rises to gather strength, to greet others, to hunt, to be alongside other lionesses, to move her young to safety, to confront enemies that threaten the pride, and to walk with her king.  This analogy of a lioness gives the image of a godly woman.  “We are an army of sheep led by a lion.  Since we follow a lion, we cannot be timid,” she says.  Lisa says there is the time for a strong woman since there is an enormous amount of global wickedness and injustice. “It is up to the daughters to prepare to pounce,” says Lisa. Continue reading