Joy to the World



Ann Voskamp wrote a book, One Thousand Gifts.  Ann lost her younger sister at a young age. The sister was run over by a truck in their driveway. The whole family was devastated.  One day she began to be brutally honest with God about her life and circumstances.  After marriage, God lead her to Eucharisteo, thanksgiving, and that lead to listing her thanksgivings to God, He commissioned her to find 1000 blessings.  She is into the tens of thousands now!

I am rereading the book right now. The first thing the struck me this round was how she dealt with haste. Her thoughts reverberated with my thoughts now on a life of haste. Why do we do it? It is acceptable in American culture to be busy in activities of all sorts, but is it best for the human soul? Is it a wise state of being for the Jesus follower?

Life is not an emergency. Life is Eucharisteo!

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I attended a conference recently where the term shalom was used related to the wholeness Christians can and should experience in walking out the life Jesus designed us to have–though fallen.  I decided that I should look into what that word meant in it’s context.  That meant trying to find out what it meant in the Jewish context.


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