Nation of Criminals

That’s what we are here in the good old, new USA nation of laws.   That is,  laws which ensnare law-abiding citizens.

Check this video to see what I am talking about:

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Hikikomori (Locked Up)

This is such a sad topic to cover.  I believe it has value, however, to understand how dark a culture and people become without spiritual light.  The Japanese, like all cultures and peoples, need to Light that Jesus brings to life.

We had missionaries in to share with us last week from  Japan.  They are a really committed couple to their work in Nagoya, Japan–building the Kingdom through church planting and music ministry.

They first mentioned that some of their choir members only come out of their homes for choir practice.  “What?” I thought to myself.  Then they went on to explain that many people in Japan lock themselves in their home, room or closet because they have a hard time building relationships with people or because the perceive they are failures in some way.  I learned through further reading that the problem of relating actually gets worse the longer a person is  locked in.  The Japanese are developed some sophisticated techniques in attempts to bring relatives out of this state.  I read that providing “rental sisters” and “rental brothers” are thriving businesses in the larger cities.

Can you imagine living in this state?

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Your ATL Weather Update for Friday January 14, 2011

Megan has become one of my favorite video bloggers quickly!!!   She is simply hilarious in this video blog.   This take is in the midst the deep freeze the south experienced just last week.  Take a peek!!!

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