Tim Keller and John Piper on C. S. Lewis


Atheists Make the Best Christians

I really believe that statement!   I believe it because my supposition is that atheists have experienced another “view” of the world that is contradictory to the views expressed by Jesus and His followers.  So, if atheists come across to this different way of seeing the world but more importantly history, they then have two references in life which help guide their thinking, feeling and choosing. Continue reading

How C.S. Lewis made Christianity seem like common sense

The following is a full quote from the National Post.

More or less by accident, the worlds of broadcasting and publishing have created one of the literary marvels of Christianity. It’s a book called Mere Christianity, by C. S. Lewis, the scholar who became famous by writing the seven fantasy novels that make up the Chronicles of Narnia. Lewis died in 1963 but Narnia keeps him alive in the children’s section of bookstores. Mere Christianity keeps him equally current among religious teachers and students. Continue reading