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How Can It Be?


Come As You Are

The Magnificat

Mary’s time has come! She will give birth to the Blessed One.  We celebrate Him now.

“Let it be according to your Word!” are her words in response.

The Magnificat was given us for many reasons but one of those is so we reflect on what it means to have the Savior she nurtured.  How is He moving in you?  Is He moving as He did in Mary’s soul? What is He saying to you?  Receive Him and be filled with His love and grace this moment. He is waiting to give you these things.

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Showing Grace

Jim, my friend, share about relationships.

The Prayer

Thank you Josh Groban and Amanda Cole


Be a Christ Follower

Read all the cards and reflect on your life…

Hey there! I’m Emanuella. I’m a Christian. I have been a “good” Christian most of my life. It was my identity. I used to like to tell people how “good” I was, how I kept all the Commandments. I thought that was “Good”……

Then I realized something…I Failed!!! “Christian” was just a name I wore…kind of like a pretty coat over a dirty body…It didn’t match my heart. Here’s why:

If you were an Atheist or Agnostic or anything else…And if you didn’t agree with me…I would disdain you as a person. I feel like a hypocrite! I feel disgusting! And I can’t take it anymore! I wasn’t interested in being your “Friend”. I just wanted to change you. I thought that was my job.

Christianity is about being like “Christ”. Read more of this post

Jesus’ Power

Christmas Time is Here


LORD, I need your help!

“I would never sacrifice my destiny for a dollar sign, and I think far too often in entertainment, we do that.”

“I just hope that they hear and see my heart in the things that I say and the music that I sing…  The real purpose is to reach people for Jesus.” Full Article

The Power of Empathy

What is empathy?  It is understanding, relating to or identifying with another person’s experiences and emotions or the ability to share someone else’ feelings.  Empathy makes a person feel you understand or relate to what they are going through.  Empathy is connection with another person.

Empathy involves: 1) Perspective-taking, 2)being non-judgmental towards the person, 3) recognize the emotion, and 4) communicating that emotion to the person.

How good are you at empathy?

Empathy towards the addicted