A Crisis Within a Crisis

New Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data confirmed experts’ warnings and anecdotal evidence that the coronavirus is taking a dangerous toll on mental health. A survey conducted in June found 11 percent of U.S. adults seriously considered suicide in the past 30 days. Pandemic-related anxiety or depression also affected roughly 30 percent of respondents, and 13 percent reported using alcohol or drugs to cope. Each measure of mental illness showed significant growth over the prior year.

Meier Clinics, which offers Christian mental health services in seven states, saw a slowdown during the lockdown, followed by a dramatic increase beginning in June, according to psychologist Brad Kahle.

“Fears are through the roof,” he said, attributing worsening mental health to increased isolation. “People are feeling much more alone.”

Kahle encouraged struggling Christians to maintain personal connections as much as possible and refocus on their relationship with God and things they can control. He cited Psalm 46:1-7 and John 14:27 as Bible passages that help him focus on God’s control over life’s circumstances.

Kahle urged anyone who sees family or friends struggling with anxiety or depression to speak up kindly and clearly: “Reach out and be direct.” —J.A.S.

A crisis within a crisis

John 14:27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.

Be Free!

It’s winter and the amount of sunlight can affect mental health. So may lots of other factors in your life. How to cope? How are you coping?

Take heart, there is beauty, rest, wholeness, gladness and must more ahead.

Join me is taking heart from some wonderful thoughts penned by someone with wisdom about how to push through whatever faces you. I did…

Jessica’s Change is Lasting

Jessica Rexroat was cutting to deal with a life filled with anger, darkness and frustration. Her only hope was to let Jesus take control, see here.

Jessica goes through so much in a very short time, three marriages, five hospital visits, then she is pregnant.  She is abused by a cousin and experiences depression and bipolar disease.  Because of the pain in her life she begins cutting and is on 9 medications.

But, she is aroused and changed by faith.  ” I understood that as I came up I was a brand new person.  Really!  Not just figuratively, not because I’m going to go to church now, but because he will change my heart and He will change the brokenness and take it away.”

I was wrong!

Some in this video have to say to their friends and themselves: “I was wrong.” Do you think you could make such radical statements like these do here? Think about it! Maybe a journey into the evidence is worth it for you. By the way, there are many people around who would love to help you on that journey, just reach out to others.