Modern Medicine Failed Me in Kenya

Modern Medicine Failed Me in Kenya

His bottom lip trembled as I leaned in with my stethoscope. Although his eyes shimmered with a thin sheen of tears, he did not recoil. As had his toddler sister, he waited, straight, silent, and obedient, and he studied me. I crouched to his level, and we connected for a heartbeat or two. I listened to the cadence of his breath; he searched my face. Continue reading


Prescription Drug Addiction

It began when Sean Hughes injured his back and was prescribed pain medication. Soon, he was taking 19 pills a day and his marriage to Jessica was eroding.

Healed in Cyprus

The Science and Art of Surgery

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This lady had an infection but there was more–tumors were found in her internal organs. ¬† She needed major surgery and would be disfigured afterwards because of the invasive amount of ¬†surgery.

Watch to see what the prayer for this lady has done.