The Darkness of Porn…the Light of the Gospel

I just read a piece by Denny Burk and it is about pornography consumption in the USA and it is not pretty.  He covered a recent disturbing article in Time magazine on the consumption of pornography in America.

The Time article was titled “Porn and the Threat to Virility” by Belinda Luscombe.

Denny did not link the article because the cover is too explicit.

Denny makes this quote from Ms. Luscombe:

A growing number of young men are convinced that their sexual responses have been sabotaged because their brains were virtually marinated in porn when they were adolescents. Their generation has consumed explicit content in quantities and varieties never before possible, on devices designed to deliver content swiftly and privately, all at an age when their brains were more plastic—more prone to permanent change—than in later life. These young men feel like unwitting guinea pigs in a largely unmonitored decade-long experiment in sexual conditioning.

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Addictions–Is there a way out?

The answer is ‘yes.’  Many people are being helped with addictions.   It is a private matter with most people


so you won’t hear much about the addictions or the help that is received to get victory over the addiction.  I am learning a new term for addictions of a certain class:  process addictions.  Here are examples of process addictions.

Types of process addictions:

Porn Addict Answers

Thoughts and answers on how to seek help for addiction to pornography.

Pastor Mark Driscoll answers this question as part of a live “Ask Anything” session in which audience members SMS questions to the pulpit to be answered in real time.

This question was answered in the broader context of a sermon entitled “Sexual Sin” which can be found at

Triple XXX Church dot com

Porn Pictures

After hearing God say the word ‘PORN’ to them, two young Christian pastors are off on a quixotic journey into the world of pornography. Their mission: Help the poor suffering masses who are in the grips of the dirty filthy smutty PORNO PLAGUE that is sweeping our entire planet! In Chapter 10, Porno Pastors Craig and Mike get a TV interview and find new courage to press their message that Jesus Loves Porn Stars