The Human Heart is a Precious Thing

The human heart is a precious thing.  God views the human heart as a precious thing.   The human heart is a precious thing. Continue reading


The Heart is Central

The human heart is the central focus of our being.  God deals with us in our hearts.

Thanks god, my dearest and all dear friends! ;...

What is the heart?  John Eldredge, in Waking the Dead, concludes that your heart is “you.”  My heart is “me.”

Now if we break this down just a bit we see that the heart God deals with  has a rational component, we think, it has and emotional part, we feel, it has a volitional component, we make choices, and it has a desire part, we have surface and deep desires.  Some of our deep desires were place in our hearts by God.  That is the subject of another discussion.

I believe my heart has attitude!  My heart does have attitude and I have had to deal with attitude on many occasions.  Righting a wrong attitude makes all the other components of my heart work better together. Continue reading

What is heart?

The human heart is a beautiful thing. It is warm, soft, palpable. The wisdom of Solomon in Proverbs calls for guarding our hearts. That’s impossible! We live in a broken world and as Jesus followers we are hunted. Calamity, tears, pain, and suffering are going to come. But the human heart is worth guarding, how so? Because it is infinitely precious to its Creator. God loves us. When the Word says God loves us, the implication is that He loves our very essence. Our very essence is housed in our hearts.

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Eternity in Our Hearts (LR) 1

“…be still…and know…that I am God…” We need times of stillness. Times of stillness when we focus on our Maker, Creator, Redeemer. This is a good time to be still. If not, come back when you can reflect and be still.

We look at several Scriptures this year which deeply touched my heart! I want your heart touched by the joy and love placed there be your Creator.

Let’s start by examining a verse.

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