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Modern Medicine Failed Me in Kenya

Modern Medicine Failed Me in Kenya

His bottom lip trembled as I leaned in with my stethoscope. Although his eyes shimmered with a thin sheen of tears, he did not recoil. As had his toddler sister, he waited, straight, silent, and obedient, and he studied me. I crouched to his level, and we connected for a heartbeat or two. I listened to the cadence of his breath; he searched my face. Read more of this post


What if Your Husband Had Ebola?

Read this couple’s struggle here.

I cried a lot; he was so matter of fact and calm,” she said. “All I could do was cry and tell him how sorry I was for him and to stay strong and keep fighting. … I wanted to be there beside him and be there to bring him chicken soup and water.

More on Ebola and the Brantly’s.

It’s unfortunate that thousands of African lives and deaths did not warrant the same attention as two infected Americans.

He Heals the Broken!

Healed of Lyme Disease

Mary Rose has an interesting story about Lyme Disease and faith.  Her victory is worth a listen.



Reading the Word of God has its Benefits

I love Sue’s expressions as she tells her story of healing grace. The beauty of Sue’s encounter is that her healing took place while she was reading the Word.

I also relate to her doubts. Some of those thoughts are put in our heads by the Evil One, others we simply conjure up.

Sorry guys, somehow this video got clipped on YouTube.  Not sure what happened.

Here is the full video if you want to try this link.  Listen from minute 4:45 to hear about Sue’s doubt and healing.

Brian Doerksen Worship

Worship with Brian now. He sings in worship to our Jesus.

Healed in Cyprus

The Science and Art of Surgery

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This lady had an infection but there was more–tumors were found in her internal organs.   She needed major surgery and would be disfigured afterwards because of the invasive amount of  surgery.

Watch to see what the prayer for this lady has done.