Half of the Debris from Tornadoes removed

Alabama is making the best of the situation and moving forward despite

tremendous obstacles.   We shall overcome Alabama.  Keep putting one step in front of the other.




In 96 cities, towns and counties, government workers, private contractors and volunteers continue to tackle the rest — another 4 million cubic yards.

Gone from yards and roadsides are almost 6 million cubic yards of debris — enough to put a six-foot-high cover on all four lanes of Interstate 65 from Birmingham to Mobile.

Statements from the Al.com blog: click here for full report.


Alabama Tornado–Tuscaloosa Fly Over



Here is the Tuscaloosa, AL fly over that says it all.  There were many lives lost and much structural damage.  Realize that the same tornado that made all the damage that you see, continued into suburbs of Birmingham, Concord, Pleasant Grove, Pratt City, Fultondale, Mulga among others.  On the same day Hackleburg, Phil Campbell, Culman, Athens, Huntsville, Cahaba Heights, Moody, Arab, Guntersville, Dadeville/Lake Martin and many other towns and cities were hit by tornadoes.

Update: here is a great video from CNN showing the damage:

Update: linked here is a tripline map–very good job!


Update: here are label photos of the Tuscaloosa, AL damage from the April 27, 2011 tornado.

Alabama Tornadoes

April 27th will be a day many people do not forget all of their lives.   For about 4 hours in the evening the TV weather men were covering 3 tornadoes at any given time.   These tornadoes hit Tuscaloosa, Concord, Pratt City, Pleasant Grove,  Fultondale, Hackleburg, Athens, Huntsville, Alabaster, Elmore County and many more sites.

I want to give you just a small view of the devastation that has occurred in the state of Alabama in about a 4 hour period.

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But God’s people find hope in Him.  He is their comfort and He is their stay. The prophet Isaiah tells us how to respond in situation like these:

Isaiah57:10:  You were wearied with the length of your way,
but you did not say, “It is hopeless”;
you found new life for your strength,
and so you were not faint.

Though devastating to so many and some have even lost their lives–this is a dark time but it is also a time where we find strength to make new beginnings.  My prayer is that the people rise up and find their hope in the Lord.  If He is the God who is there, he uses events like these to cause is to come to Him.  To find in Him our source, because he is the Source.

Off to help some of those not so fortunate tomorrow!!

Campus video of Tuscaloosa Tornado