Gospel of John 2


The Set Up for the End Game (LR)

I’ve shown where we are all headed who know Jesus and believe in Him. I’ve touched on the Great God we serve. See Connected to the Trinity. Next, I want to look at what we are up against to get to the End Game.

In this life, we are up against a foe–a formidable one, the Devil, the Evil One. He sends temptation our way and we don’t always stand up to him and resist. Part of the plan is that we mature in this life and by Jeses’ power,learn to resist–Fight is what my pastor calls it. Realize the Evil One is here and he is real. Believe what the Word tells you about this foe. Jesus is our overcomer (John 1:5) and empowers us to overcome. Light overcomes the darkness. Jesus is the Light. The Evil One came before man was created and he is not going away quietly.

Then, God created. He created the heavens and the earth and everything in the earth including every living creature. You and I He created. As the story moves on man fell. The Fall is the biggest tragedy of all time. The world is as it is today because of the fall. There is beauty and there is good but evil and darkness abound as well.

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Alert!! Is the Greek New Testament Reliable?

Archaeology is solidifying the reliability the canon of New Testament Letters and Gospels

The recto of Rylands Library Papyrus P52 from ...

with every finding.

Early, early, early fragments of the Gospel of Mark may have been found. Dr. Daniel Wallace reveals the findings in a debate with Dr. Bart Ehrman.  Read more here.

Craig Bloomberg has studied and written extensively on the reliability of the New Testament manuscripts.   See the list of 59 facts about the Gospel of John which are shown to be historically probably by author Craig Bloomberg.

Is John’s Gospel Reliable?  Go at the Gospel of John in a totally different approach!

A Mass of Variant Views, Part 2


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Now Back  Dr. Ehrman and Jesus Interrupted, on page 178 Dr.Ehrman says that he can’t even deal with an “event” such as a resurrection from the dead because he is a historian only.   So, though he counters some of what he reads in the Gospels about the resurrection, he is admitting, from a historical perspective (which is his domain now), that a historian such as he cannot deal with something like a resurrection from the dead.

But people like you and me can examine the Gospels along with the letter to the Corinthians and come away with our own judgments about the evidence presented there.   Those 500 people who saw Jesus after he died, was buried and subsequently raised from the dead, were Jews—Jews steeped in Jewish history and tradition.  Yet these Jews forsook their culture and history to follow this Jesus.  And not only did they reject their heritage in favor of the statements of Jesus, much of the world of that day became followers of this same Jesus.

This Galilean and his Galilean disciples, unlearned though they were, literally turned the then know world upside down and paid the ultimate price.  They all died martyrs’ deaths. Continue reading

Who is Jesus and will you ever know who He is?

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Who is Jesus? Do you think you know who He is? Will you ever know who He is? Until you have really contemplated Him and looked at the recorded history of Him, you will never know.

Paul’s friend and companion wrote precise details about his life. That would be one place to go and read if you want the history. Read it as history. Ignore the supernatural if you like for the moment and just find out what happened in his life. You owe it to yourself. What have you got to loose? Get an opinion or belief about him based on fact.

If He, Jesus is God-Incarnate, the God-Man, then, He is superior to all!!! No other man on earth claimed deity–that is, no other sane man. No other man/prophet on earth proved or backed up the claim to deity. We, followers of Jesus, simply believe that He is who He claimed to be and that He backed that up in the most forceful way by His life on earth. The largest proof is His resurrection from the dead and ascension into Heaven.