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My Application of Exodus 15

God just reminded me why it was and is so significant to me. I was so faithless–at many points during my life. In fact, though I believed, I didn’t believe. I believed it up to me; that God empowered me and so it was up to me. In some sense, it is up to me. But, I will fail and fail miserably if I don’t look to Him at each step of the way,  casting allCrossing of red sea

my care on Him because He cares–believe it, know it, experience it. That takes a disposition of absolute faith and resolve to lean on Him no matter how tough the road gets ahead. That is hard! It is not easy! BUT, the rewards of being there(having a sense of His presence) IS the journey. It is not getting a job. It is not what I do on the job, i.e., professional accomplishments and recognition, the Christian life is trusting Him at every step. Knowing that He has a plan and that because we are in a battle it can get bloody and messy. However, he is there too, with me. He is with me. If I have Him I have all that I need. He longs for me to trust Him, because He wants relationship with me and He knows that even in the toughest times if I am trusting and looking to Him, I will be acquiring wisdom for our relationship together and for my role in the future. Read more of this post

You Were Chosen

You were created by the God of the universe and you were chosen by Him.

How does that make you feel?

For many years it made me feel special; so special in fact, that I developed pride that I was chosen by God to bear His Name.

That’s not the correct response, but being chosen by the Creator of the Universe is significant and weighty. It becomes a reality to us in many ways as we pursue a relationship with the Creator.

Here is a brief summary which provides some significance to being chosen by the Creator of the Universe for your part in His story.

Looking back before the Universe existed, we learn from John 1 that there was God in community: the Father with the Son and with the Holy Spirit. Our God, the great Three in One.

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I’d love to be in this bar singing with these people…would you?

They seem to enjoy what they are singing.

How Great is our God

Worship with me the Great and the Almighty God who sites on the throne in Heaven right now with the Son of God at the Father’s side interceding for His blessed children.

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My Life is in Your Hands

We have such an opportunity to worship our King and Maker!

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Pay Attention to Your Heart

The title here is a subtitle in Waking the Dead, Chapter 6.   Guided and A Case for  Discipleship were also a part of this chapter.

I love that Eldredge makes the point that we need to pay attention to our hearts.   We do!  So badly.  Many men have all but forsaken their hearts. It doesn’t pay the bills, so we focus on the cognitive and the physical world.  Emotions and desires are too mushy for us. Read more of this post

100% Pure Grace

Pure, undiluted grace is what this post is about.  That concept comes from Jesus but, it was highlighted a few years ago by a Jesus follower who put his spin on what Jesus really did in coming to earth, giving to the undeserving, dying for His life of giving and coming back to life to confirm it all true. Read more of this post

The Human Heart is a Precious Thing

The human heart is a precious thing.  God views the human heart as a precious thing.   The human heart is a precious thing. Read more of this post

Revelation Song

All of the Kari Jobe versions of this song just on YouTube are at 6 million views and counting.  The Revelation Song comes from Revelation 4 and 5.  Revelation 4 and 5 are two of the most beautiful chapters in the Bible on worship.  These chapters go to my head and my heart.  They help me imagine what worship can be and what it will be one day before the Great High Priest and the Greatest King of the largest Kingdom in the world.

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The Heart is Central

The human heart is the central focus of our being.  God deals with us in our hearts.

Thanks god, my dearest and all dear friends! ;...

What is the heart?  John Eldredge, in Waking the Dead, concludes that your heart is “you.”  My heart is “me.”

Now if we break this down just a bit we see that the heart God deals with  has a rational component, we think, it has and emotional part, we feel, it has a volitional component, we make choices, and it has a desire part, we have surface and deep desires.  Some of our deep desires were place in our hearts by God.  That is the subject of another discussion.

I believe my heart has attitude!  My heart does have attitude and I have had to deal with attitude on many occasions.  Righting a wrong attitude makes all the other components of my heart work better together. Read more of this post


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