The Science of Happiness

I hope you will open this link  or  view below, if it comes up for you, for a few minutes.  This guy has some good thoughts on life.


Bread, Wine and Oil

Psalm 104:15 

   and wine to gladden the heart of man,
oil to make his face shine
    and bread to strengthen man’s heart.

Wine gladdens the heart.

Oil to the face of man makes it shine!

Bread provides energy to the physical body and heart

In this small verse God promises to supply our needs and goes beyond giving wine and oil.  A commentator says wine and oil are extras and bring joy to life.

They do!

The most joy comes through the enjoyment of and gratitude for the small pleasures of life.   would be very alone and sad with lots of the “things” of this world–things I have great affections for.  A focus on things bring vanity to the soul.  God through His abundance supplies the needs of billions of people daily and with His supply, my needs are filled.  I praise Him for His work and my needs being supplied.

On occasion I receive more than I need or deserve.  I receive from the hands of the Father, wine which makes my heart glad and oil which I put on my face to make it shine before the world as a testimony that the Lord blesses me.  The Lord provides my need.  He is my source, my strength, He is my song.

I am so comforted, provided for, loved, and known.  The physical things I need are provided, given by God to make my heart content. My heart is content with basic needs being met and affection for God.  Connection with God satisfies all the deep longings of man’s heart.  Connection with God satisfies all the desires of my heart.

Jesus Is Enough!

He is LORD! He is Penultimate, (no, Preeminent per a reader and so He is),  today and everyday! Worship HIM not things today!

Preeminent: having paramount rank, dignity, or importance : outstanding, supreme.


Things are idols!

Addendum (05/30/2013):  The speaker, Matt, is the guy you see in prayer at 2:40 with his head sewed up!  He had brain cancer. He is still alive today so far as I know.   He is one who has been through much pain.  That pain is his platform for delivering this message that Jesus is Enough!

Eternity in Our Hearts (LR) 1

“…be still…and know…that I am God…” We need times of stillness. Times of stillness when we focus on our Maker, Creator, Redeemer. This is a good time to be still. If not, come back when you can reflect and be still.

We look at several Scriptures this year which deeply touched my heart! I want your heart touched by the joy and love placed there be your Creator.

Let’s start by examining a verse.

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