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Chain Breaker

Yes, I have had chains, maybe I do now.  I have seen real chains come off people.

Don’t know what I am talking about?  Read John.


Break Every Chain!

The Good News

I Needed this on Monday Morning, do You?

Should We Evolve on Homosexuality?

What is happening with homosexual identity?  How has the church of Jesus responded?  How should we respond?  What should Jesus followers know about homosexuality?  What does the Bible say about homosexuality?

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The National Anthem (USA, America, Land that we love!)

A Challenge

Enemy-occupied territory—that is what this world is. Christianity is the story of how the rightful king has landed, you might say landed in disguise, and is calling us to take part in a great campaign of sabotage.

— C. S. Lewis

C. S. Lewis knew it!  J. R. R. Tolkien certainly knew it!  When are you going to wake up to this fact.

If you are reading this you are the informed, the blessed, the prominent and the gifted. What are you doing to help those not so informed, blessed, gifted and low in this life?

Our mission, our calling: Fight evil!  Give back because we have been blessed!



Honor a Veteran!

I know I am late!   I am late for many things lately!

But, when I get the opportunity I thank with deep gratitude the vets and active military who serve Me!  Yes, they serve me in a very tangible way.  Because of them I am blessed!  They personify freedom and promote justice around the world.  Yes, they are our ambassadors for freedom and justice.

God puts in us deep desires of freedom and justice!  Many of His followers around the world have neither freedom nor justice.

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Find Peace in Him


He is THE source for peace. Rest in Him. Lean on Him. Trust Him intimately.
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Braveheart — A Reason to Live and Die

Listen to William Wallace’s vision for freedom. Here he champions freedom and puts the seeds and vision of freedom into His fellow countryman.

William Wallace found his part to play that was his alone and played it well.

His vision, tenacity, determination, gall, defiance, and single-mindedness is why and how Robert the Bruce finally got the vision to join the cause and freedom was finally won for all Scotsmen.