National Day of Reason

A day of reason is desired by some.  God gave all of us a brain with minds so that we use them every day.  Part of that function is reason but there is oh so much more the human brain helps us do.   I wonder sometimes if others don’t experience what I experience in my brain.

A US representative to the House wants a Day of Reason to coincide with the National Day of Prayer.   It is fine with me to explore the merits for a day of reason but not to overlap it with the National Day of Prayer.   Human reasoning is not even close to the realm of prayer. Continue reading

Author’s book on Hitchens gets him on Fox, MSNBC

Update:  Tim Challies evaluates this book and Hitchens better than this article here.

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Larry Taunton, a Christian author in Birmingham [Alabama], has recently made TV appearances on the right-leaning Fox News and on the left-leaning MSNBC.

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Tauton’s book, released on April 12, 2016


Taunton’s book, ‘The Faith of Christopher Hitchens,’ was released on April 12, 2016.

Taunton’s new book on famous atheist Christopher Hitchens, who died in 2011, has gotten rave reviews from prominent atheists, and prominent Christians.


It’s a hot topic among liberal and conservative intellectuals.

Taunton, founder of the Christian ministry the Fixed Point Foundation in Birmingham, became friends with Hitchens in 2008 when the bestselling atheist author of “God is Not Great” began challenging Christians to debates. Continue reading

How I Almost Lost the Bible

Copied in its entirety from Christianity Today — original linked below.

How I Almost Lost the Bible                                        Photo by Brad Guice

was born at the Evangelical Community Hospital in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania—a fact that once prompted a friend of mine to say, “You’re evangelical born, evangelical bred, and when you die, you’ll be evangelical dead.” My father, John Forrest Thornbury, was the model of a country parson, serving as the pastor of Winfield Baptist Church, a historic congregation in the American Baptist tradition, for 44 years.

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