Problems with Theistic Evolution

An introduction to the book, “Theistic Evolution: A Scientific, Philosophical, and Theological Critique.”

This material is very helpful to me as I am not attempting to determine if I should adjust my views on how we got here.  If need be, that is.


Thank God on Earth Day

From Reasons to Believe in 2016:

Every year on April 22, millions of people worldwide will gather on local beaches, streets, and parks to collect trash, plant trees, and honor and celebrate our Earth. In recent years, Earth Day has become almost as popular as Halloween and Christmas, observed by people from diverse religious beliefs and backgrounds. Rather than dismissing the holiday as just another day, Earth Day can remind us of the carefully crafted and fine-tuned home God has made for us. Continue reading

Reasons to Believe

I’ve developed a new interest in apologetics  since joining Reasons to Believe.  Dr. Ross and his associates on the site keep updating the papers then review making some facinating points about life on earth, the uniqueness of earth to support advanced life forms and the beautiful origins of the universe.

Here is just one quote from an article on natural selection and evidence for it or stasis.

An obvious lesson is that it is a mistake to build a model for the history of life on Earth based only on short-term field studies. Rather than the transmutation of species through natural selection that Darwin deduced from his few months on the Galápagos Islands, the long-term field studies suggest that natural selection maintains stasis, the stabilizing of a species’ morphological traits over time.

More here.



How Evil Hunts Us through Drugs!

Peter Hitchens lays out a case for the enslavement to evil which illegal substances cause us. He is right–society, as a whole pays, and pays dear for the irrational choices and actions of many. Then, there are compounding consequences: robbery, murder, ruined relationships, physical and emotional pain, psychological issues for the drug-taker and for those they impact.

Here is more proof from Peter Hitchens that many get swept up into a drug culture without knowing or understanding why. Evil may present clothed in a nice gray suit, dark tie and white shirt or it may present as porn to in the white power of a dastardly drug. A Hitchens call to sanity. Not the most gracious approach but then again, maybe in his context, that is what is needed for that audience at the moment.

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Evolution Aristocracy

Last Sunday I attended worship in a small South Carolina city. The pastor said to the graduates in his medium-sized congregation, “You are going into a world that is hostile to Jesus Christ. You are going before a world that is hostile to His Gospel.”

After lunch I read an article in World Magazine about how fellow believer, Ben Carson, was received for his views on Evolution. Some of these views he expressed at his commencement address at Emory University in Atlanta, GA.

Here is what non-believers don’t like about Dr. Carson–but he is right.

Ultimately, if you accept the evolutionary theory, you dismiss ethics, you don’t have to abide by a set of moral codes, you determine your own conscience based on your own desires. You have no reason for things such as selfless love, when a father dives in to save his son from drowning. You can trash the Bible as irrelevant, just silly fables, since you believe that it does not conform to scientific thought. You can be like Lucifer, who said, “I will make myself like the Most High.” Continue reading