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C. S. Lewis – from Theism to Christianity

C.S. Lewis: It must be understood that my conversion at that point was only to theism pure and simple. I knew nothing yet about the incarnation. The God to whom I surrendered was sheerly non-human.


C. S. Lewis – From Atheism to Theism

Tim Keller and John Piper on C. S. Lewis

Lewis and Tolkien on Myths and Lies

C. S. Lewis BBC Radio Address 2

C. S. Lewis & His BBC Radio Address

The lone surviving reel of audio with Lewis’s voice on it. He deals with prayer and evolution (Evolution on the second installment). Recorded during WW ll these talks eventually became “Mere Christianity”.

Lewis and Tolkien Debate Myths and Lies

Made for More–Another World

If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is… we were made for another world.

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Lewis and Tolkien Debate Myths and Lies

A debate between C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien on whether myths are lies. This debate was ultimately instrumental in C.S. Lewis’s conversion to Christianity. Read more of this post

Is Evil in the world a problem to you?

Revised:  Have you had someone say to you that the presence of evil in the world keep them English: Image of Alvin Plantinga released by ...from believing in a loving God.  But, I have to ask them if they have really thought it through.  For C. S. Lewis,  the issue of evil initially led him into atheism.  Later,  he began to reason that if there is no God, then there is no such thing as evil either.

The number one lie that Christians are often confronted with is the argument that evil, pain, and suffering prove that there is no God, says author and apologist Mark Mittelberg.

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Providing a rebuttal to the question of why God would allow evil can be challenging, said Mittelberg, who is the author of The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask and other books on defending the Christian faith.

The atheist view is that we, our being and our behaviors, are the products of biochemical reactions in our brains–even our morals and  societal mores are the results of biochemical reactions.  All our interactions are simply a result of biochemistry in our brains. Read more of this post