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If God, Why Doesn’t He Stop Evil?


Many of our big questions start with a “Why…?“. This is often not just an intellectual question, but a personal question, seeking a personal answer. But to whom is the question “Why…?” addressed? If matter is all there is, there is no point in asking the question. But if God exists, he has questions to answer.

When Christopher Hitchens was asked in an interview with CNN in 2011 whether he was tempted to ask “Why me?”, he responded that it was a “silly question”.“Everyone’s got to go sometime”, he replied. If there is no God to ask, then that is a consistent response.

But why do so many people ask the question? Could it be that it is an objection to the way the world is; a recognition that it is not the way it’s meant to be. But if that’s the case, how do people think that the world should be? Read more of this post


A World of Fear

From the Lotus Effect.   Over a billion live in a world of fear.  See the diagram for more data.  They are not safe nor secure because of the threat of violence and crime.  It is time that we wake up to the need. Read more of this post

Saving Laurie

From Asian street gangs to trading sex for drugs, it’s a miracle that Laurie Ishii is still alive. But she is and ministering the Gospel to God’s lost children on the streets.

Gospel Graffiti II

Gospel Graffiti II

The Crime he did not Commit

This is one of the best stories about preservation in a prison I have ever heard.

Josh spent 16 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. He sought comfort in God.

A Changed Life — When Least Expected!

He was the baddest of the bad with a murder rap and life sentence in prison. Noone expected Jerry Balone to become a Christian.

I have friend in prison and his experiences echo Jerry’s experience here.

A Hooker’s Life Gone Good

John Lee Hooker‘s slid into a lifestyle of excessive drug use and criminal behavior that lasted for over 30 years, then one day

Massey Hall, Toronto, Aug. 20, 1978 Photo by J...

from his hospital bed he cried out to Jesus.

See what drugs can do to your life.  Get a little taste of prison life right here.

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Forgiving Abductors

Charity was in her final semester at college when she was abducted by three guys trying to impress members of the Crips gang.

To see her story, click here.


Pornography, is there an answer?

Wow!   This guy not only has a problem–at the very end of the video he gives a radical answer to his problem.  Look also at what struggle his wife goes through in coming to the decision to forgive him.

Mark Brings It!!

Turn Me Around!!

Latin Kings

This guy was looking for love and he found it in the most unlikely place–to him.
Angelo grew up moving from one relative’s house to the next. When the Latin Kings offered to be his family, he did not hesitate to join the gang.




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Rape: when will men wake up?

Dominique Strauss-Kahn sur un marché à Lagny s...


This has been a week about rape it seems!!

We have the DSK(Dominique Strauss-Kahn) story that has filled the headlines.   If you don’t know about that story you can read here or here.  Then,  I just found this article where French women are reacting to misogyny in their media and french men attempting to put Strauss-Kahn’s alleged acts into the French context–read, explain away.

Supposedly, the French political elite can get away with rape and other sexual acts perpetrated on women or men.

Next,  I saw two stories of how young boys were lead into homosexuality through rape at ages too young for them to even be involved in anything sexual. It is graphic but you can see their stories here or here.

But,   this one is the one that gets me–the massive assault on women that is occurring in the Congo.   And,  the very sad thing is that it has been occurring for approximately 10 years it would appear.  Well,   the story out this week is that the number of rapes and sexual assaults is actually much higher than previously reported.

Men, wake up!!  Men, rise up!!  Get a life!  The sex drive is a strong drive but you are blinded if you let it drive you.   God help us all in this area!!!   The values of the pop culture in America are not helping shape norms which prevent these type atrocities either.  We are all to blame in some way–I am.  I am contemplating what I should do about this–personally and globally!!

Trailer to HBO documentary on the Congo

Second HBO documentary link.

Article on molestation in the Congo.