Problems with Theistic Evolution

An introduction to the book, “Theistic Evolution: A Scientific, Philosophical, and Theological Critique.”

This material is very helpful to me as I am not attempting to determine if I should adjust my views on how we got here.  If need be, that is.



Have you every walked out your back door to hear a symphony coming from nature as you open your heart to God and His Word.   Creation can be a great guide to come closer to God’s heart and his response to you or me.

I want to offer up a small story that is part of a much, much larger one.  I’ll let Amy do what she does best: tell you what happened on this crisp clear morning.  Come back when you have read the story. Continue reading

Thank God on Earth Day

From Reasons to Believe in 2016:

Every year on April 22, millions of people worldwide will gather on local beaches, streets, and parks to collect trash, plant trees, and honor and celebrate our Earth. In recent years, Earth Day has become almost as popular as Halloween and Christmas, observed by people from diverse religious beliefs and backgrounds. Rather than dismissing the holiday as just another day, Earth Day can remind us of the carefully crafted and fine-tuned home God has made for us. Continue reading


I so want to support Inspero I copy their post Christmas message here.  Connect with art.  Connect with God through beauty.  He created beauty for you.  He is beautiful for us.

Was it a “silent night” for you?

It’s that brief window of time between Christmas and New Year’s: de-decorating, weighing in (literally), and re-focusing on getting it right this next year.

Perhaps you, like me, are once again surprised by the reality that it’s never enough even when you do everything possible to create your perfect picture of the holidays for your loved ones. Because life is broken. We are broken. So, we fight to not give in to that haunting refrain

“Is that all there is? If that’s all there is my friends, then let’s keep dancing.”
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