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Just Stop and Think!

Great questions for exploration with Francis Chan. If you want to explore other great question about life, see here.
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Vision of Adopt a Building – SF

I love this project.   People out in the world and making a difference.

Francis Chan at Catalyst West 2009

Francis Chan explains the vision of Adopt a Building in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco. One square mile | 37,000 residents | 586 apartment buildings | one church in every building. To get involved, visit us at:

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Francis Chan on Prayer

Mary Magdalene, in a dramatic 19th-century pop...

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Okay,  this guy is somewhat controversial–well, I really haven’t decided yet.

I know this though, his comments here are thought provoking.  I need to be in prayer much more and in a different way than I am today.   Let his words provoke you also.

Here is the text of Francis’ presentation:

Being Amazed at Answered Prayer

Pastor John gave me the topic of prayer as a personal journey. In my life, prayer has even rivaled the Scriptures in stirring my affections towards God. I know that Jesus loves me because the Bible so—God, you love me that much! But I know he loves me because of the way he answers my prayers. Just five minutes ago backstage, pleading with God, “How do I share what you and I have been through all of the years!? How do I communicate that? Do you love everyone this much? I see it so much in how you answer my prayers.”

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