Response to Degeneres Gay Agenda

We are to the point in America where can’t discuss differing points of view.  Social media has gone psycho with mostly shouting matches and no progress.  Going further apart.  Distancing ourselves seems to be an agenda item.

Larry does it right here, I believe.  What do you think?  I haven’t vetted all his points but he has right demeanor and perspective.  I appreciate some levelheadedness!


Mr. Tomczak and CNN


The Best Argument Against Christianity

This is a direct reblog from the Christian Post.  They put up this article by Robin Schumache on our pathetic track record as Christians in America.   Over time I have become less and less inclined to hedge in relationship, in business, and in the church.  I can’t say however that I am not guilty.  May we all desire to become more like Jesus whom we follow and in every way.

I’ve included links back to other Christian Post blogs below this article.

God bless and have a great day!

A short while back, I had lunch with a Christian friend of mine I hadn’t seen in a

American Christians

American Christians

while. Roger owns the largest Microsoft consulting company in our area of the country, is a good businessman, and a solid believer.

We got to talking about work and he surprised me by saying “I really don’t like doing business with other Christians.” When I asked him why, he told me that once the other business finds out he’s a Christian, they take what he called “extensions of grace”. He explained that it could take the form of not paying on time, not delivering work when promised, or asking for fee or labor reductions without cause.

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