The Crowning of Peter (LR)

Connected to God’s choosing us is His calling us out for our part to play in His Grand Design. Today we are looking at Jesus’ interaction with Peter. In contrast to the sons of Eli, who were honored by God, but faltered in the follow up; Peter is called out, honored by Jesus in Matthew 16. See verse 13 to the end of the chapter.

Here Peter gets it! He knows and understands who Jesus truly is. He speaks it. Jesus affirms him.

Later, Jesus is conveying what must happen to Him. None of the disciples understand Jesus’ trials. They remember the angels words to Mary in Luke 1–about the Kingdom lasting forever. Peter responds to Jesus statements, “may it never be!” Jesus then rebukes Peter.

This is a difficult passage for me. I have great lessons to learn from the interaction of Jesus with His disciples here. Jesus knew what was in the hearts of His disciples. Their hearts were full of sin and distorted thinking. Yet, Jesus finds the good. He affirms Peter for getting it right when he does.

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