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Cyber Bullies Beware!

This is an interruption to our usual programming in 2013. A present evil/darkness was brought to my attention. ¬†For all my sisters in the faith and those not in the faith, I must help Kaitlyn tell her story and help the male gender understand the vileness that lurks deep within. The male psyche is blind to true maleness and real masculinity. Men believe that living in the gutter mentally is cool or justified in some way. Good men listen–vileness and gutter talk is never cool–in the locker room, in the bedroom, on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or anywhere else!

Take heart my sisters and come protect them my brothers!

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Cyber Bullying–Enough is Enough

Cyberbullying has become a major problem and the young do not know how to deal with it on their own.

A Bully Free Zone sign - School in Berea, Ohio

Learn what is happening and how you can help someone in your life you may be bullied.

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Paul Coughlin: Raising Bully-Proof Kids

A Bully Free Zone sign - School in Berea, Ohio

Author Paul Coughlin joins us to discuss effective strategies in teaching your children how to react to bullying as we embark on a new school year.

Paul Coughling: Raising Bully-Proof Kids

More on Bullying including thoughts by Paul Coughlin