Dr. Ehrman’s Misquoting Questions

Below my comments is a quote from a text version of Misquoting Jesus by Dr. Bart D. Ehrman.

My response to his concluding questions are listed here:

In the book’s conclusion, Dr Ehrman raises some questions which can be addressed.

The scroll being worked on is upside down!

His first significant question is: “Was Jesus an angry man?” My response: Well, yes, He became incensed with what the Jewish religious hierarchy at the time had done to His law and teachings.  For, the Old Testament and the foundation of worship and who God is rests upon the Law and the Prophets.  They were Jesus’ Laws and the Prophets spoke of Him.

That He was angry is not an issue with one who can put it into context correctly. His responses and demeanor throughout His recorded life are amazing.  He is the one who gave us the Beatitudes and many other wonderful teachings. His is a model to emulate.

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Dr. Ehrman on the Historic Defense of Scripture


The following quote is taken from a text copy of Misquoting Jesus by Dr Bart D. Ehrman.

… Protestant biblical scholars were driven by the nature of their materials to reconsider and defend their understanding of the faith. They could not, of course, simply do away with the notion of sola scriptura. For them, the words of the Bible continued to convey the authority of the Word of God. But how does one deal with the circumstance that in many instances we don’t know what those words were? One solution was to develop methods of textual criticism that would enable modern scholars to reconstruct the original words, so that the foundation of faith might once again prove to be secure. It was this theological agenda that lay behind much of the effort, principally in England and Germany, to devise competent and reliable methods of reconstructing the original words of the New Testament from the numerous, error-ridden copies of it that happened to survive.

I conclude from these statements that textual criticism has saved the day.  We can reconstruct the original words of the text with some few exceptions.


How I Almost Lost the Bible

Copied in its entirety from Christianity Today — original linked below.

How I Almost Lost the Bible                                        Photo by Brad Guice

was born at the Evangelical Community Hospital in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania—a fact that once prompted a friend of mine to say, “You’re evangelical born, evangelical bred, and when you die, you’ll be evangelical dead.” My father, John Forrest Thornbury, was the model of a country parson, serving as the pastor of Winfield Baptist Church, a historic congregation in the American Baptist tradition, for 44 years.

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Alert!! Is the Greek New Testament Reliable?

Archaeology is solidifying the reliability the canon of New Testament Letters and Gospels

The recto of Rylands Library Papyrus P52 from ...

with every finding.

Early, early, early fragments of the Gospel of Mark may have been found. Dr. Daniel Wallace reveals the findings in a debate with Dr. Bart Ehrman.  Read more here.

Craig Bloomberg has studied and written extensively on the reliability of the New Testament manuscripts.   See the list of 59 facts about the Gospel of John which are shown to be historically probably by author Craig Bloomberg.

Is John’s Gospel Reliable?  Go at the Gospel of John in a totally different approach!

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