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Indescribable — Chris Tomlin

Perfect Love!

Whatever it takes!  Get it!  He loves you this much!

Charleston 9 – Honoring Clementa Pinckney

Charles, Pinckney, Pastor Emmanuel AME Church

Clementa Pinckney

The first report I about Reverend Pinckney was from a fellow believer in the South Carolina senate.  Senator Larry Grooms is a Republican and he spoke of the closeness of the South Carolina senators.  They don’t seem to be at odds with one another like the National Senate.  They were close to one another and worked together.  Pinckney was a dearly beloved brother in Christ of this Senator.

Pinckney Remembered

President Obama delivers eulogy of Pinckney and does a great job.

Amazing Grace comments:

Full Version:

Grace Amazing is Amazing!

Grace Amazing by Jimmy Needham and featuring Trip Lee

[Trip Lee:] Yeah, You give me grace amazing
You give me grace amazing
(This is how we are!!!)
You found my heart in the tomb
Wrapped up all lifeless and bruised
I was the living dead
Couldn’t even lift up my head
To see You enter the room
Oh, Oh, OhThat’s how it is with us all
We weren’t just damaged we fell dead at the fall
Only the innocent can breathe the air again
Underground, over my head
I’m almost sure I’m deadUnless You breath life into me
I won’t ever feel my dead heart beating
But you open these blind eyes to see
That’s what makes Your grace amazing

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Grace Amazing

Grace Amazing is: “…no one came come to the Son, unless the Father compels him to come…”  I would not come if the Father did not draw me.  Why do we, if left to our depraved selves go to corruption?  Except for Grace Amazing, I would not have life!  I was dead and He dug me out of the grave.

Needham does a great job on the note of “A – Ma….”  He has a fantastic voice and he and, I wish knew his partner, rapper type accompanist.  The partner does a great job as well.  More power to this message!

Grace Message comes to US Shores

News break…I like what Joseph Prince says here.   I don’t know him well, but I support most of these words.


Watch this incredible NEW performance of Still by Hillsong in Portuguese with English subtitles — it will

Awake (Hillsong album)

definitely bless your day!


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Amazing Grace

Soweto Style

Grace, real Grace is the most Amazing thing!

Amazing Grace, First version, in "Olney H...

Here is a “give it all you got” rendition of gospel great, Amazing Grace!!

Amazing Grace

What is Grace to you?

See what grace is to these people…

Amazing Grace