One of My Favorite Golfers

…though I never saw her play.

I did read a biography of her life–great athlete! Below is a scrap from an article about her athleticism.

Babe Didrikson Zaharias (June 26, 1911–September 27, 1956) is arguably the

Babe Didrikson Zaharias after winning one of her U.S. Women's Open titles

greatest female athlete of all-time. After years of excelling in other sports, including winning Olympic medals, Zaharias took up golf. She quickly became one of the best ever in that sport too, and her presence in the early days of the LPGA Tour was critical in the growth of women’s golf.  Continue reading

Easter Distuption

Coping with and benefitting from this new normal, ie, disruption of life cause by a tiny, microscopic organism.

Here are thought snippets from Lauren Green.

“… theologians say that solitary worship may have its own spiritual benefits.” (Opposed to collective worship in a church building.)

“It’s not just Easter Sunday the faithful are missing but the entire Holy Week,” said Green.

“… the communal reflection of why theologians call this moment the climax of human existence will be experienced only as individuals or small family units,” 

“The receiving of the body and blood of Jesus is a transformative part of the mass. You cannot receive the elements — the bread and wine — from your computer screen.”

“We may cancel Easter services, but the promises of Easter cannot be. That’s above our pay grade,” said Pastor Lucado …

“Sometimes going to church is kind of like checking a box,” observed Green. “But in-home worship makes it more of a relationship with the Living God.”

“…each of us can approach the throne of Grace, read the accounts of the Passion story in all four Gospels, understand and absorb the story for ourselves. And potentially we can become closer to God than ever before.”

“People will learn what real Roman crucifixions were like,” she continued. “They were bloody and violent. The Romans were in effect professional executioners. Crucifixion was so awful, a word was created to even explain it. The word excruciating means “out of the cross”… In watching the movie you can see the pain God was willing to go through to save us.”