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Light of the World-Lauren Daigle


Impact of Clerestory



Inside the Mind of Martin Scorsese for Silence

Scorsese on Silence, the Movie & Faith

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The Song of Simeon

Image result for simeon luke 2As Jesus is presented at Temple per the custom and Law, a righteous and devout man,
Simeon, takes the baby in his arms and declares the purpose of the child to all present.

29 “Lord, now you are letting your servant depart in peace,
    according to your word;
30 for my eyes have seen your salvation
31     that you have prepared in the presence of all peoples,
32 a light for revelation to the Gentiles,
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Unfolding God’s Story

This is not flashy but it is good!  Listen to Gary help you unfold God’s story.

I Shall Not Want

Presence is Pastoral Care

Amy Butler learned a great lesson in a difficult situation. Our presence speaks volumes to the hurting. Will you stop and think–what do you have to offer? Could it be that being and being in a person’s presence, is the greatest gift, the greatest support you have to offer?

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Why Poverty?


Modern Medicine Failed Me in Kenya

Modern Medicine Failed Me in Kenya

His bottom lip trembled as I leaned in with my stethoscope. Although his eyes shimmered with a thin sheen of tears, he did not recoil. As had his toddler sister, he waited, straight, silent, and obedient, and he studied me. I crouched to his level, and we connected for a heartbeat or two. I listened to the cadence of his breath; he searched my face. Read more of this post

Psalm 100 – Christ Tomlin