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One Christian Slaughtered Every Five Minutes

Christians are slaughtered, 1 every 5 minutes in the Middle East.

Mohammad jihadi followers destroying the ancient Mar Elian monastery in Qaryatain, Syria.

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Charleston 9 – Forgiving Dylann Roof

What transpires at this hearing is unbelievable to me. But it happened.

Hate Won’t Win

Is God Surprised?

…by the Iraqi surprise?

Sudden collapses are all surprises when they occur, yet in retrospect seem inevitable results of iniquity. They are surprises only because those in power take selfies and cover up their selfishness, for a time.
– World Magazine


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I Have Decided!

In this video, Pastor Richard Kannwischer of St. Andrews Presbyterian Church,
tells the story of a family in India who lost their lives because
of their faith in Jesus Christ.

Accompanied by music performed by Jadon Lavik, this compelling
story of how a families sacrifice to
follow Jesus influenced their entire community. There is a true
story of a small village in India. And in this village there was
this family that came to a saving faith in Jesus Christ as Savior

This agitated the village so much and everybody became so
upset that an angry mob gathered and shoved them into the public
square. The village chief confronted them and he said to the man,
“If you and your family will not recant your faith, you all will
surely die!” The man didn’t know what to say or what to do.

The only thing that came to mind for him were the words of a song that he
had composed when he had first surrendered his life to God. And so
he began to sing,
“I have decided to follow Jesus. No turning back. No turning back.”


Many have died. What are you willing to do?

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A New Cultural Moment

…becomes a cultural winter. Two spiritual leaders* believe something is stirring and is a move to the dark side. It’s us, in the West and specifically the United States. We’ve turned. We’ve changed. We have lost our direction.

How so?

“We both believe that we are in a new cultural moment,” said Duncan. “We need to know where we are, how we’ve gotten here, and how we can forge a biblical, faithful consensus on how we’re going to address that together.”

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The Great Evangelical Recession

Dear readers, I feature videos from CBN many times here. I appreciate what they are doing to bring good stories and good news to the masses. I don’t support everything I see there and neither am I opposed to anything. This is a great story about the American culture war and the slipping of the culture away from the values we find in the Bible and from Jesus.

Watch 1 to 11 minutes to get John Dickerson’s perspective and the summary of his new book. I pray that you find forums to share Jesus’ values in your domain. Our grate on the culture has a purpose. It is to point the way to Jesus and His values. He is King and He is Lord. We want the schism between His values and cultural norms to point the way to Him.

Man and Woman: Marriage

This is reprinted from the Washington Post.

Title: In conservative Alabama, celebrating a ‘God-written’ union of man and woman

WILSONVILLE, Ala. — Up on the grassy hill as the sun sank on Saturday evening, here came the groom, a man in khakis and a bow tie, and here came the bride, a woman in a long white gown of satin and lace.

Several hundred dearly beloved stood and looked on as she walked down the clover-covered aisle, a ceremony suddenly more momentous to the couple and those gathered for what they were celebrating — marriage as the natural, God-ordained union between a man and a woman.

The happy pair, Randall Jared Wilson, 24, and Amanda Joy Horsley, 23, stood arm in arm at an altar woven with leaves. The Rev. Brent Philips held a gilded Bible in his left hand and a microphone in his right.

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Caviezel on his Role in the Passion of the Christ

This is a great interview with Jim Caviezel who played the role of Jesus Christ in Mel Gibson’s ‘Passion of the Christ’.

Some great insights are here, both into an actor’s methods as well as a devoted Christian and artist showing his own passion for his lord and his work. I have even more respect for him after watching this interview. Jim is someone who tries to better himself by following the teachings of Jesus Christ, loving God, and all people.

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